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Watch as Farmers Hack Away at the Nightmarish ‘Superweed That Can’t Be Killed’ (with Video)

By now you’ve probably heard the news that superweeds have been ravaging genetically modified crops and making life miserable for thousands of farmers who were promised easier workloads and higher yields from genetically modified crops. Superweeds resistant to glyphosate, the main chemical component of the best-selling and highly controversial Monsanto [...]
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A Journalist Asked a Former Monsanto VP (and Current FDA Food Safety Czar) About a Conflict of Interest..His Answer Shows What Kind of People We’re Dealing With

When browsing the newswire for mainstream media stories about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and foods, a familiar pattern emerges: there are many important facts that are always left off the table, giving readers and incomplete picture of what’s really happening. Case in point: the fact that current FDA JD Deputy [...]
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