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Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Truth About Ensure Nutrition Drinks – “I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff to a Dying Animal”

    Carrol Krause, a former reporter for the Herald-Times of Bloomington, Indiana, had to retire from her journalism career because of an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2014. Before she passed away in February, she wrote a blog titled ‘Stories by Carrol’ highlighting the best and the worst of her last days. A few [...]
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“It Put Us Through Pure Hell:” Best-Selling Dog and Cat Collar Developed By Bayer Linked to Nearly 1,700 Deaths, Tens of Thousands of Adverse Reactions

        Originally based out of Leverkusen, Germany, the pesticide, GMO crop, and drug producing company Bayer has long been known for several different controversies, including the safety of its products. In 2020, Bayer completed the sale of its Animal Health business unit to Elanco Animal Health Incorporated [...]
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