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Horrifying: A Healthy Woman Is Given Chemo. Studies Reveal, This Happens to Millions. (Up to 90% patients with THIS type of cancer are treated unnecessarily).

  A patient is Australia has reportedly been administered chemotherapy for six months — before the doctors found out she did not actually have cancer, believe it or not. What sounds like a patient’s worst nightmare happens more often than the medical system is willing to admit. In the case [...]
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“The Drug Industry is Getting Very, Very Nervous:” Bernie Sanders Vows to Take on Big Pharma, Sends Company’s Stock Plummeting With One Tweet

Bernie Sanders may have fallen out of the spotlight since conceding the Democratic election to Hillary Clinton, but he recently found himself back near the forefront the news cycle after a series of social media posts aimed at taking on greed in the pharmaceutical industry. Sanders, a known advocate of [...]
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“Secret Studies:” World’s Top 2 Pesticide Companies Knew About Harm to Bees, Did Nothing According to Greenpeace Investigation

  Just this September, seven species of bees were added to the endangered species list. The bees live primarily in Hawaii, the same state that has seen an increase of health issues in humans related to the mass use of pesticides created by Monsanto and others (Hawaiian agricultural workers have seen [...]
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