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Sick of Google? THIS Alternative Search Engine Does NOT Censor AND Plants Trees Every Time You Search (almost 7 million already planted!)

While Google continues to be the most popular search engine in the world (68% of the global market in 2016), more people these days are considering switching. There are many ethical concerns that arise with search engines, especially when they dominate the market like Google. All major search engines have [...]
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“They’ll Have to Rewrite the Textbooks:” Scientists Discover the Missing Link — Lymphatic Vessels — Connecting Brain and Immune System

  By Vandita Until recently, no one could find a connection between the brain and the immune system because no one could find any lymphatic vessels in the brain. For centuries, scientists and medical practitioners were convinced that the brain (part of the central nervous system) was kept safe from pathogens, since [...]
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“This is The End For Them:” Standing Rock Protesters Send a Powerful Parting Message as They Are Forced to Evacuate (Heartbreaking Footage)

After almost one year of living at the Standing Rock campsite, Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are being forced to evacuate. After an emotionally charged few last months, and initially surviving through the change in presidential administration, they are leaving involuntarily because of a reason many would not expect – a [...]
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