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Soy-Free, and Gluten-Free, Vegan Style Battered “Fish” is Possible with This Popular Asian Flower and Superfood. How to Make It… (video)

Sometimes being vegan means discovering new exciting dishes – after all, there is an abundance of options that aren’t very well known. But sometimes you are craving an old dish that need re-inventing. Unless you are a in lab making the famous Impossible Burger, meat and fish dishes can be [...]
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Pharmaceutical Companies Torture Horses in a Controversial Procedure with ZERO Regulations to Obtain an Ingredient Used in Drugs (Undercover Video)

  A video from an undercover investigation posted by Animals Angels USA (AA) with footage from EU’s Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) has revealed the shocking and horrific way pregnant mares are treated at blood farms – farms where horses are being raised for one reason only: to drain their blood [...]
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