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“Congress is Drowning in Pharmaceutical Money:” RFK Jr. Makes Landmark TV Appearance, Calls for Honest Vaccine Safety Debate

A long-time attorney and environmental advocate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has also spoken out on the side effects and dangers of vaccines for years despite heavy criticism from the media establishment. His message has gained serious traction lately on social and alternative media, where “RFK Jr.” has reached a massive [...]
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Injured by the Tdap Vaccine, Senator Pan’s “Nemesis” Reveals What He Calls the REAL Motivation Behind Mandatory Vaccinations in California

By Dr. Edward Group Global Healing Center Vaccine safety is a hotly debated topic and continues to be a consistent issue between health officials and the public. There’s plenty of gray area when it comes to vaccination. They’re not 100% effective and, without warning, vaccine injuries occur and are downplayed [...]
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