Coconut Nectar: A Healthy Vegan Substitute for Sugar, Honey


Everyone in the holistic health world’s got their own favorite all-natural sweetener (even if they rarely use them), and that’s a beautiful thing because there are so many options out there that make excellent low-glycemic substitutes for sugar.

I personally discovered the best ones, like raw organic honey, true (non-processed) stevia, and more after finally discovering the truth about artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose and dumping them for good.

Even though I don’t use sweeteners that often, I value them when I do use them, and each one provides its own perks, benefits, and unique qualities depending on what the recipe calls for.

Recently, I discovered what might be my favorite all-around natural, organic, and vegan substitute for both sugar and honey: coconut nectar, a special product created by the Coconut Secret company.

A Healthy Vegan Substitute for Sugar

Coconut Nectar is a healthy substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Coconut Nectar is a healthy substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

I was recently given a sample Coconut Nectar product from the Coconut Secret company and loved it so much that I added to recipes in my recent recipe book ‘Raw Chocolate Revolution’ as a sweetener of choice, one that’s capable of providing the texture of honey with the deep and rich yet still quite sweet flavor of maple syrup.

I put Coconut Nectar in my smoothie just about every morning and can’t resist taking a little taste right out of the bottle immediately after pouring it in.

While I usually try to get all of my “sweetness” from fruit, there’s still room in my diet for the occasional extra sweetener every now and then, as long as it fills my criteria for being of a low-glycemic index, being completely natural and non-GMO, and providing an extra health benefit or two that I could use. Coconut nectar certainly fits the bill and it’s also a great substitute for honey if you happen to follow a raw vegan lifestyle.



Health Benefits of Coconut Nectar

Just some of the many health benefits of Coconut Nectar include the following:

-Provides a Wide Spectrum of 17 Amino Acids

-Has a Relatively Low Glycemic Index of Around 35

-Helps You Feel Fuller Longer than Regular Sugar

-Adds Medium-Chain Fatty Acids for Readily Available Energy

-Mineral-rich: 10x the Zinc and 4x the Magnesium as Brown Sugar

Oh Yeah, How Does Coconut Nectar Taste?

If you’ve never tried Coconut Nectar before, you’re in for a treat: it’s definitely one of the better tasting natural sweeteners out there. It doesn’t taste much like coconut, but rather like a mildly sweet syrup with some extra depth to it.

The flavor is rich, complex and smooth, with a little bit of a slight (almost buttery?) aftertaste. Overall I’d probably describe it as a mix between a good, honest maple syrup and molasses.

All I know is, I can’t get enough of it, and along with a good raw, organic honey, it’s probably my favorite new type of natural sweetener.

If you’d like to try Coconut Nectar, click on this link.



Thanks for reading!

-Nick Meyer

P.S. Thanks to the Coconut Secret company for providing me with this excellent product to sample.



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