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Could a Holistic Healthcare Plan Be the Answer to America’s Problems? Theresa Callard-Moore of ‘Integrity: The Holistic Community Health Plan’ Explains

While modern medicine is capable of performing miracles when it comes to saving people in emergencies, it’s hard to say objectively that it has its patients’ best interests at heart when it comes to preventing disease and helping them find a long-lasting state of well being. Health insurance, with its [...]
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University Study in Iowa Finds that Non-GMO Crop System Boosts Yields, Improves Soil Quality With Far Less Herbicides and Fertilizers

According to a recent study conducted by an Iowa State University agronomist, diverse non-genetically modified crop rotation systems can provide a variety of benefits to farmers and perform better than their genetically modified (or GMO for genetically modified organism) crop system counterparts. Research for the study began in 2002 according [...]
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