Feature Interview: Mark Romero on the Power of Music for Natural Healing, NASA Science and More


The healing power of music has been used and chronicled for centuries, and yet sound-based healing still has a long way to go before it’s accepted by the overall health and medical communities.

But those who’ve experienced it firsthand, like the thousands of people who’ve been touched by Mark Romero’s music, know as well as anyone just how powerful and life-changing it can be.

Romero, a guitar-based musician whose music has landed him on stage with leadership experts like Mark Victor Hansen, Harv Eker, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, has brought his gift of music and healing to several people in need ranging from parents of children with ADHD, stressed corporate executives, parents of kids with autism and more.

Romero knows the effects of stress all too well, having spent 19 years as an executive manager and CEO before his life took a dramatic turn toward his true passion.

During a side performance one day, a former NASA consultant discovered that his music contained frequencies that cancelled out negative energy as part of a wide-scale project to discover ways to mitigate the disharmonious effects of EMFs and other disruptive energies and chemicals in our environment.

Romero was skeptical at first, but trusted in the process and eventually went on to become a full-time musician and sound healer. Mark offers a wide range of services including teleconferences and more off of his website www.MarkRomeroMusic.com, and he’s produced crticially acclaimed music CDs including ‘Suenos Infinitos’ and ‘Beyond the Wall’ that feature his uniquely emotional and high-energy form of guitar music.

Recently at the Awake and Empowered Expo in Detroit, Romero had a chance to sit down with AltHealthWORKS to discuss the power of sound healing, how his talent was discovered and much more.

AHW: Hi Mark, thanks for joining us. So, tell us a little bit about your story and how your music’s healing potential was discovered.

MR: Thanks. Well, I was a 19-year veteran, former CEO and executive manager. I reached a point where you know, you get presented a model, “This is success now go and get it; well I went and got it and I’m like, ‘this is not success, I’m unhappy, discontented, unhealthy and stressed out; so I left.”

I wanted to find my purpose and go be of service in the world so I left to go and discover myself and in 2002 I produced a CD for fun, just to have the experience of it.

AHW: I know that someone (a former NASA scientist and consultant) picked up on it and said, “this has great healing potential” and everything…Do you think it came out that way in the music because it was a just a “fun project” for you and it turned out to be a very emotional and authentic type of music that allowed it to carry those healing frequencies? Or was it something else?

MR:  You know that originally came up (from that particular CD), but everything I’ve done since then also produces frequencies including before, the demo tracks, the CDs, the samplers, they all produced what the scientists were looking for so what I learned later was that there’s something coming through the music that’s coming through me. So that CD I produced, it got in the hands of a gentleman named Dr. Ronald Jones, a former top-ranking consultant to NASA who served on three different presidential advisory boards for science.

He was involved in a study that had identified the negative effects of cell phones, Wi-Fi signals, toxic chemicals in our environment…We’ve got more stuff than ever to deal with, even with the smart meters they’re putting on houses now.

I said fine, that’s not going away, the chemicals aren’t going away right away, and genetically modified foods certainly aren’t going away right now so let’s null and void them so they no longer impact us…


What I embarked upon, so, they discovered the frequencies in the music that null and void the negative effects of these things, and that launched me off really into doing health and wellness music initially, and, and working with health and energy and how we can really transmute discordant or harmful things so they no longer negatively impact us.

AHW: So was this part of the program, or how did they find you specifically? Did they go through lots and lots of music to find out which pieces had these qualities?

MR: Yes, they tested Beethoven, Mozart, traditional things. Lots of things. I guess you could say they found me by accident, but there are no accidents, I got connected to them when I played a gig at a wellness center. A woman who ran the event told me she could hear tones in my music and she talked to the woman who ran the center.

So here’s a former CEO, executive guy and I’m saying, “Don’t go talking to me about tones in music no one else can hear…!” You know, so I gave her a CD and she gave it to (the former NASA consultant and his team) and they called me up and invited me to a lecture where they were demonstrating things that interrupt our energy and make us physically go weaker.


AHW: So is the healing power more of an energy and a vibration thing, or is it more of a physical thing, in both theirs and your opinions?

MR: Well, it’s an energy thing, but what is the physical manifestation? A physical thing is an expression of energy…If you change the energy, you change the frequency and you change the physical (Romero demonstrated on stage and for me later that people have better balance and core strength when his music is played, by forcibly attempting to move them both during and before playing it).

So I started doing health and wellness and stress reduction music and I started getting feedback from people on how it’s benefiting their lives. Everything from the elderly with Alzheimer’s to children with ADHD to people recovering from surgery sitting in the dentist office and truck drivers who grind their teeth all the time. They play it and they don’t grind their teeth anymore; so across the board people really began to get into the movement, and from there I’ve been helping people to get past their limiting thoughts and beliefs with music.

AHW: And how long before the effect of the music takes place, do you have to listen to it right away to get the healing effects or listen long term, or listen to it for a certain amount of time?

MR: Predominantly the benefit comes when the music is playing before or after the demonstration, but over time it builds and impacts their consciousness. People start waking up and saying, “Maybe I should start exercising, maybe I should start eating better quality foods;” they never did before so it’s almost like an awakening type process that takes place where I see that shows up.

We also have been able to use technology to utilize the healing frequency of the music via NASA technology, through a Mylar chip pendant; it’s basically like playing the music 24/7 and even when it’s not playing it’s keeping your bio field in tune so the stress goes down. You can increase your strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance…your memory, focus, and creative intuition all are enhanced; that’s what happens when we restore harmony and we live in a world that’s disharmonious, you feel better, and when you add in high better quality foods that also helps to restore harmony.

AHW: What was it like to be mentioned alongside the classical music masters, and also that there’s a benefit to yours but that yours may be on a “higher plane” quote-unquote when it comes to restoring harmony?

MR: Well, we’ve heard about the Mozart Effect for example, there’s been scientific research done about the benefits of that music.

A few years back I read the book ‘Power vs. Force,’ I would definitely recommend checking that book out. Music gives energy and music takes it away. The specific things the (former NASA scientist and associates) tested for were things that would null and void the effects of energy disruptors.

They didn’t have those back in Mozart’s time. So my music helps to void those things and cleanse in essence the bio field, which when in harmony, it’s kind of like a guitar, you can play the best notes in the world but if the strings are not in tone it won’t matter.

AHW: So the benefits of your music extend to artists and even athletes, people like that?

MR: Absolutely, writers, artists, painters, they all love to work with it and say that when it’s playing their creativity is enhanced. If you think about the quantum nature of the universe, we are all expressions of a field of energy right, in essence kind of like super biological wireless computers on the ultimate super Internet, comprised by all kinds of stuff including Wi-Fi signals, chemicals, EMFs…When we clean up that stuff our connection improves and we can reach higher levels of information, restore our body and let it heal itself; all things are truly designed to operate without negative influences.

AHW: Do you know what specific tones are causing the healing effect, or is it more about the emotion that causes it?

MR:  It’s not tone related, it’s something within the tone where the music becomes a carrier, a way for the energy (to be transmitted). It doesn’t matter what notes I play, it’s something that comes from my essence through to the music.


AHW: And so the cover song you played earlier today has the same frequency (Pink Floyd’s ‘Beyond the Wall’ from the Romero album of the same name).

MR: Absolutely, yep, it’s the same frequency. My response is, it’s on the album and it doesn’t matter what I play, it’s something that just comes through me, and it continues to evolve and unfold today.

AHW: Have you studied any other types of sound healing or approaches that are said to be beneficial, such as Solfeggio tones for example?

MR: That’s really a field of traditional sound therapy, it’s sound healing that has definite benefits…440 tuning vs. some of the other tunings; tuning into a frequency of love. That’s what I feel is a valid area, kind of operating at a different domain, not better or worse.

What I’m doing is using music as a way to convey it. Those are notes and they’re tuning related, and there are definite benefits to working in that environment too. It’s a very tried and true area of work, I think yu know, we have to realize the future of medicine is vibratory in nature, it’s going to be about energy and sound. It’s an exciting time to live in.

AHW: Does the frequency of the music factor into its healing power, or have you tested it?

MR:  When you say healing, that means for someone who’s experiencing physical disharmony, right?

Whether it’s a tumor or a knee or something like that, it’s all an out-picturing of our energy world around us; physical health and well-being is an inside-out job, and what we want to do is change what’s causing the disharmony, okay…the universe is thought in motion and it’s all about disharmony, in relationships, physical health. It’s all disharmony holding within a state of your energetic signature so to speak; change it and you change your health. Things go away and drop away in the external world (when you fix what’s inside). We really are the creator of our experience.

AHW: So what does it feel like having this gift, do you just want to make music all the time?

MR: I want to help people. I just kind of go, “Gosh, how much more beautiful would this world be if we were all in a state of harmony?” So I do music all the time, I enjoy working with people and sitting down and doing events like the other night here (at the Awake and Empowered Expo in Detroit), to me I love that. It’s just great to open people up to the truth of who and what they are, when we’re in harmony we play beautiful music and we’re what? We’re happy. Don’t we all just want to be happy? So yeah, good stuff.

AHW: Thanks for joining us Mark, and where can the readers go to find out more?

MR: They can check out www.markromeromusic.com. Thank you for having me.

AHW: Thanks again, Mark, and thanks for the amazing concert earlier.




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