Exposed: How Monsanto Pays Millions to Lie to Kids Without Parental Consent

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It’s not enough that Monsanto is trying to fool adults into thinking that they produce “world’s safest and most affordable food,” and that their true purpose is to “feed the world (a claim that has been widely debunked).” The St. Louis-based agrochemical giant has also been relentless with its attempts to convince school children that they are a “good company” – it’s all made possible thanks to millions of dollars in donations, and your son or daughter could be their next unsuspecting student.

In 2014 one woman shared the story of a man named Steve whose stepson came home from school after spending a whole class period with Monsanto reps, taking in a PowerPoint presentation that (as you may have guessed) praised the company and blamed everyone else for the problems with our food system.

The reps reportedly left out all of the important stuff in what was heavily biased presentation: not a word was said about genetically modified food, the toxic chemicals the company produces and uses, their business practices or GMO labeling.

Instead the children were told that food-borne illnesses are only due to people “leaving their food out too long,” that corn syrup does not add to obesity – people just do not move enough, and that Monsanto helps create jobs and is simply a wonderful company altogether. The children were also warned against seed collecting, as it got some farmers in trouble for doing so (the writer is guessing that they were talking about crop contamination – when Monsanto seeds end up in another’s field by natural causes such as wind, Monsanto have and will sue the farmer).

The parent was especially angered that the school did not ask parental consent for corporate reps to come in and teach the class. He talked to the school principal who sounded sympathetic but confessed that there is no law against it and this happened without his knowledge.


Monsanto’s America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders

Each child also received a free deck of playing cards with the Monsanto logo on the front, and pro-Monsanto facts on the back of the cards. On the front of the cards we see “America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders.”

America’s Farmers, by Monsanto, through different programs, particularly America’s Farmers Grow Community and America’s Farmers Drought Grow Community, paid over $21 million in grants to over 2,500 companies and institutions in 2013 (list goes on for 75 pages of the grants tax statement). Many donations went to schools, from elementary to high school, and also to universities.

Monsanto also sponsors one the largest youth mentoring organizations 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA), an organization for youth interested in agriculture. Biotech propaganda has reared its head at many schools across the country as the Bill Gates brainchild Common Core has taken root in schools across America. Pro-GMO propaganda has been found in textbooks, and many believe Monsanto is now using its philanthropy program to gain shocking access to our schools.

Is Monsanto buying the loyalty of schools?

Different types of grants Monsanto gives to schools and school districts can be used to buy expensive equipment that many of these school cannot afford otherwise, and even pay for staff salaries. In exchange those who won the grant, and also those who merely entered to win, sign the contract saying that their name, full descriptive information and even slightly modified comments can be used for Monsanto’s marketing material without any additional approval needed. The contract also releases Monsanto from “any and all claims for libel, copyright, invasion of privacy or rights of publicity pertaining to such use.”

A shocking example of this occurred in August 2015 in Hawaii as 4th graders were given permission slips by Monsanto that would allow the company to use them in their advertising campaigns. The permission slip came just after Monsanto give $30,000 for Bike Safety Week including new bike helmets for the kids.

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We do not yet know how many Monsanto representatives have taught classes in schools that received the grants – not until more parents step forward. But we have seen that it can happen from the story above, and in other first-hand accounts. We also can see in this video that two of the Monsanto workers spoke to groups of kids when After School for All Partnership for St. Louis program won two grants. As a part of receiving the grants, Monsanto’s Science Education Outreach offered the students “hands-on demonstrations from the expertise of Monsanto’s scientists:” essentially a class taught by a Monsanto Company rep, as the video below shows.

With schools everywhere strapped for cash, these programs are becoming more and more “Commonplace” in Bill Gates’ Common Core programs. Parents everywhere should be vigilant by sharing information, and questioning any contracts and grants schools may accept with corporations like Monsanto.

“We as parents have to communicate with our kids on a daily basis to ensure we are protecting their innocence because the administrative bodies that exist in schools are really only going to follow written law; so if law doesn’t prevent brainwashing and indoctrination, they are not going to prevent it either unless you make them,” writes Steve in the original article from Activist Post.

The above video is of an after school program but a good example of how Monsanto is pulling out all the stops to gain access to kids’ minds. Have you heard of anything like this in your kids’ schools? Let us know in the comments below. 

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