Nutribullet Recipe: The Two-Layer, Creamy Vanilla and Cacao Antioxidant Smoothie


Looking for a way to get more antioxidants (and big flavor) into your daily routine?

Then check out this smoothie from health coach, raw nutritionist and artisan smoothie aficionado Salome Torres!

No artificial vanilla flavor necessary here (you really don’t want to know where that stuff comes from, but steer clear), just all-natural vanilla extract, the finest cacao and other organic anxtioxidant-rich ingredients f樂威壯
or protecting and nourishing your healthy cells.

Check out the written recipe below by scrolling down. This recipe works well in a Nutribullet or other blender.

Vanilla & Cacao Antioxidant Smoothie Ingredients: 

-1 cup nut milk

-2 tbsp raw cacao (I prefer Joyfuel cacao which comes from 100% Arriba Criollo, the highest rated quality cacao. This particular type makes up only 2% of all cacao beans)

-pinch of cayenne

– 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

–  2 tbsp avocado

– 3 dates or sweetener of your choice

– 1 banana

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Instructions: Blend the ingredients above.

In a separate container, blend: dash of sea salt, a tsp. of maca root powder (optional), 1/2 cup nut milk and 2 tbsp vanilla extract.

Next, pour the vanilla smoothie half way in a cup and then add the cacao smoothie on top!

Don’t be afraid to put a little extra time in for presentation because we all know how powerful the mind is, and taking the time to prepare your food with pride and care will allow it to be more healing for the body.


Thanks for reading! P.S. You can find more cacao recipes in our Amazon best-selling book ‘Raw Chocolate Revolution,’ which can be found by clicking here. Also, check out more of Salome’s work at 


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