Product Review: A Spring Water From TEN Balanced with Alkaline Minerals and Electrolytes

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This goes without saying, but tap water is generally not your best bet when it comes to drinking the healthiest water you can find.

Mainstream bottled water brands generally aren’t the best idea either, considering some of the chemicals like PFAS that have been found in them recently.

As far as types of water are concerned, the best types to consume are reverse osmosis-filtered water, distilled water (in moderation, because distilled water is mineral deficient), and spring water, the latter of which I recently had the opportunity to try from a brand called TEN Electrolyte Spring Water.

For review purposes, I taste-tested it alongside another spring water variety from a local grocery store, and the difference was remarkable to say the least.

TEN Alkaline Spring Water Review 


The TEN company is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and sources its spring water products from the foothills of the Appalachain Mountains, which the company describes as America’s purest springs.

“We searched far and wide for the highest quality natural sources because we believe the best drinking water comes from the Earth, not from a tap,” the company’s website states.

“Bottled with a high pH and rich with alkaline minerals and electrolytes, this one-of-a-kind water contains zero calories and no added sugar. It’s simply pure, great-tasting hydration raised to the power of TEN.”

In comparison, the gallon of Kroger spring water I tasted did not list any specific sources. A PDF I was directed to on its website only said that it may come from lakes, streams, and similar sources.

Taste-wise, the TEN spring water won hands down over the Kroger brand.

It tasted fresh, crisp, and smooth in comparison — simply put, it seemed to have a lot more “life” in it, which is one of the benefits of drinking spring water in the first place. 

TEN Alkaline spring water

After all, spring water generally comes from natural areas where the water has been filtered through rocks and is rich in beneficial minerals. The constantly moving nature of spring water means it is generally pure in comparison with more stagnant water sources as well.

Pros of TEN Alkaline Spring Water 

-Great taste

-Affordable prices: available in stores like Whole Foods, Meijer, and Publix nationwide or on here

-The water has a high pH similar to water found in the “purest glaciers” according to the company’s website. It certainly tastes that way. A higher pH water can neutralize acidity in the body, which is helpful for anyone who may consume too many acidic foods.

-Sourced from verifiable natural springs

-BPA-free bottles

-Infused with electrolytes like potassium and sodium

Cons of TEN Alkaline Spring Water 

-Comes in a plastic bottle. Glass bottles are hard to come by so this is understandable, but something more ecofriendly and compostable is preferred. Also, plastic leeches chemicals when exposed to the sun or when your water sits around too long.

My preferred way of drinking water is spring, filtered or ionized water in glass bottles, but glass bottles are hard to find.


Final Verdict 

This is one of my favorite new spring water products. I love the crisp, clean taste, the high pH value of the water, and the commitment to quality from the TEN company. It’s a huge step up from grocery store “spring” water, that much is for sure.

This is definitely something I would purchase if I could find it at my local health food store and I didn’t have a glass bottle of water on hand.

To learn more or purchase this water, click on this link.

Special thanks to the TEN brand for providing this water for me to review.




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