Product Review: Electrolytes and Fruit-Based Water Infusions From Pure Inventions

Pure Inventions offers fruit and electrolyte/mineral infusions that taste great and enhance the nutrition of water.


Electrolytes are a relatively new category as far as supplements go and and they are just now becoming popular among everyone from everyday people to athletes.

Recently I had the opportunity to check out two unique products from the company Pure Inventions designed to improve the nutrition profile of water and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

The first product I tried was a mineral and electrolyte product and the second was an antioxidant rich cranberry and elderberry product.

The following are my honest impressions.


Pure Inventions Product #1: Cranberry + Elderberry 

The cranberry + elderberry product from Pure Inventions is shown in the picture above and I truly enjoyed the taste of this product.

My one caveat is that this product and the other product I tried do not list organic ingredients on the package.

It had a cranberry flavor gleaned from real cranberries but it didn’t have as much sourness or bitterness/tartness as other cranberry products. The cranberry in this formula comes from cranberry juice, extract and powder, which combine to create a rich cranberry flavor and a beautiful dark red color when mixed with water.

I didn’t taste the elderberry in this formula very much which was a bit of a disappointment to me because I enjoy the  taste of elderberry a lot.

I did sense that the elderberry added a darker color profile to this mixture.

After several months of adding electrolytes to my water with more minerals and less fruit extracts I really appreciate the change of pace this drink mix provided and enjoyed the flavor very much.

Nutritionally, this drink mix is a great way to get more antioxidants and healthy fruit based compounds in a convenient way. Cranberry is excellent for urinary tract health and elderberry is excellent for immune health making this a balanced and notable supplement, and a great change of pace from traditional electrolyte drinks.

This drink mix also includes red raspberry leaf, which is anti-inflammatory and helpful for digestive health, ural licorice root, which can help reduce body fat and heal stomach ulcers, and

Learn More or Try It Here


Pure Inventions Product #2: Watermelon Flavored Electrolytes + Vitamin C

Pure Inventions watermelon electrolytes review. A great product with a great taste and very unique in the electrolytes category.

The first thing I noticed about these electrolytes is that they tasted very subtly sweet, likely because of the vegetable glycerine on the ingredients list that adds a subtle flavor.

The watermelon taste was crisp and also subtly sweet. This product also contains stevia leaf adding to its unique flavor profile. I enjoyed this drink mix very much and drank it down quite fast.

The mix contains over 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C from ascorbic acid and 15% of the daily value of zinc.

I felt really good after several weeks on this product. All things considered, it is one of my favorite electrolyte products that I have tried recently. I do with that it contained organic ingredients on the list and more diversity of nutrition/minerals/vitamins.

Learn More or Try Pure Inventions Electrolytes Here


Final Thoughts on Pure Inventions Products

I really enjoyed both of these products a lot. Pure Inventions is one of those companies that has a lot of creative products with quality and nutrition in mind.

They taste great and they made me feel great. They also make it easy and convenient to get more water in your daily routine with extra health benefits.

Check out their selection of products on the Pure Inventions website here.


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