Report: More Growers Looking Into Non-GMO Soybeans in One Major Midwestern State


The vast majority of the United States soybean crop is genetically modified, but more and more growers in one Midwestern state are starting to look into non-GMO soybeans according to a recent report in the state’s Petoskey News.

A total of 91 percent of soybeans in Michigan are GMO according to the report, but strong concern in regards to superweeds was expressed in the article.

Superweeds are resistant to the mass sprayings of glyphosate, the main chemical in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, and have become a serious, serious problem in recent weeks as Texas and two other Midwestern states have found out.

Altogether, 14 glyphosate resistant weeds have been found in the U.S. and two are in Michigan.

Roundup Ready” Costs Also Growing

Costs have also been growing “significantly over time” according to the article.

The price differential between GMO and non-GMO seeds is around 50 percent, the article said.

In addition, demand for non-GMO and organic soybeans has been rising in the U.S. and such supplies are highly limited. Non-GMO soybeans have now become more profitable overall than GMOs, the article notes.

More Michigan farmers are seeking out non-GMO soybeans.

More Michigan farmers are seeking out non-GMO soybeans.

In an effort to support the new interest in going non-GMO, Michigan State University and other agribusinesses in the state are dedicating resources to farmers who are considering growing non-GMO soybean varieties.


Support Being Offered for non-GMO Growers

While both MSU and many agribusiness organizations in the state have worked with GMO and pesticide manufacturers in the past, it’s well worth noting that they are flexible enough to spot a trend and to offer resources to support it.

It’s a good thing that these organizations are willing to work with farmers, as consumer trends are yet again showing that more and more Americans are shifting to healthier organic foods.

You can learn more about the resources available to Michigan farmers by clicking on the Petoskey News article here.

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