She’s Spent Her Days Farming (and Fighting Monsanto): Say Hello to America’s “Organic” Congresswoman

Chellie Pingree, America's unofficial 'Organic Congresswoman.'


Chellie Pingree: America’s Unheralded ‘Organic Congresswoman’

In 2022, Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree was reelected to the United States Congress after she defeated Republican Ed Thelander to retain her seat.

Pingree was first elected in 2008 and has won reelection seven separate times since her first election.

Pingree consistently on behalf of her constituents when it comes to takin g a stand for real food. She’s spoken out against bovine growth hormones from Monsanto as well as GMOs, as she notes in the video below, and done her best to lend a voice of support to organic farmers, especially dairy farmers, as evidenced by her recent 2024 advocacy work.

Pingree, New York Congressman Fight For Organic Dairy Farmers

In winter 2024, Pingree and New York Congressman Marc Molinaro (R-NY) introduced bipartisan legislation to support organic dairy farmers across the country.

The goal is to enhance data collection at the U.S. Department of Agriculture to better understand the costs associated with promoting organic milk.

“International trade challenges, adverse weather, and skyrocketing organic feed costs have created a dire economic situation for organic dairy farmers across the U.S.,” Pingree said. “These unsustainable circumstances could lead to farm closures, reduced competition, and ultimately, limited consumer choice.

Pingree and Molinaro are hoping to gain more data to better understand the challenges organic dairy consortiums face, with an eye on solving their problems from the roots up. While not everyone is on board with increased data collection, Pingree’s sterling track record as a fighter for the organic food industry has her constituents willing to step up to the plate and support her.

“As the Agriculture Committee and I continue our work on the upcoming Farm Bill, I am hopeful we can include this targeted solution to support the organic dairy sector and strengthen the role of organics in the marketplace for years to come.”




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Pingree’s Organic Farm Life 


Pingree is also the owner of Nebo Lodge  a restaurant and lodge located at 11 Mullins Lane on North Haven Island off the Coast of Maine. The restaurant sources its ingredients from the nearby Turner Organic Farm, owned by Benjamin White, where Pingree previously worked.

With over several decades of agricultural policy experience, Pingree is uniquely qualified to speak  on key issues facing farmers.

For example, she once joined Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon and over 50 members of Congress to sound the alarm over the highly-criticized EPA approval of ‘Agent Orange’ crops before it happened.

You can learn more about Pingree (including what she grows on her own organic farm) in the videos below, including a nearly seven-minute discussion on the state of organic food in America from 2019:


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