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She’s Spent Her Days Farming (and Fighting Monsanto): Say Hello to America’s “Organic” Congresswoman

Chellie Pingree: America’s Unheralded ‘Organic Congresswoman’ In 2022, Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree was reelected to the United States Congress after she defeated Republican Ed Thelander to retain her seat. Pingree was first elected in 2008 and has won reelection seven separate times since her first election. Pingree consistently on behalf [...]
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Nine-Year-Old Activist of ‘March Against Monsanto’ Fame: “Don’t Eat Another Halloween Candy Before You Watch This!”

Nine-year-old Daniel Bissonnette gained widespread attention for an epic speech at the March Against Monsanto event in Vancouver, and now he’s taking on the Halloween candy industry. As Bissonnette, a leader among young food activists and health conscious kids, points out in the video below, Americans consume about $2 billion [...]
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