Where to Buy Natural and Eco-Friendly Beeswax Candles for the Holidays

A lot of people don’t realize this, but they may be supporting some pretty shady industries with their holiday purchases this year.

Besides the obvious like all of the millions of GMO-laced M&Ms and slave labor-created gadgets that will end up as part of our celebrations, there are many little things that we would all do well to purchase from more ethical sources.

Take candles, for instance. Every mall in America and/or Wal-Mart or Target store sells a ton of them this time of year, and with such polished and glitzy packaging it might be easy to assume you’re getting a high quality product with your purchase.

Unfortunately, that’s not likely to be the case. Most commercial candles are jam-packed with chemical scents that may contain known carcinogens.

In addition, a huge portion of the candles out there on the market are also made from soy, and soy is of course heavily GMO in the United States. Considering that genetically modified soy accounts for about 90 percent of the soy crop each year, the odds are good that you’re supporting the GMO industry with every candle purchase, even as companies try to spin soy as being eco-friendly.

A Better Natural Candle Alternative

Recently I had the chance to sample some candles from a company called Honey Candles (PureBeeswaxCandles.com), a Canadian company that provides 100% pure beeswax and honey based candles and ships to the U.S.

There are many excellent designs to check out on their website include a Christmas tree style design, ornamental candles and much more.

Each candle is all natural and free from chemical scents, yet smells amazing and provides an excellent ambiance.

I was also impressed with the environment in which the candles come from, near the pristine shoes of Kootenay Lake in British Columbia as well as two separate mountain ranges.

British Columbia, according to the website ediblecommunities.com, has also avoided most of the large-scale GMO crop farms found in other regions, and since this area is so pristine there is likely to be little if any GMO material in these candles.

One thing’s for sure, supporting companies like these will be a vote for those who do it the right way and support natural ecosystems, as well as beekeeping and preservation, which are sorely needed in today’s day and age.

How candles can help you sleep                                                                    

A Canadian beeswax candle made from all-natural ingredients.

A Canadian beeswax candle made from all-natural ingredients.


Candles are excellent for winding down at the end of the day, providing a natural, low-level light that you can read by at night, as well as negative ions to soften the mood and the feel of the room. I like to light these candles while also turning on my Himalayan Salt Lamps (see this link for more info) at night and reading a book or even meditating.

Having a lower-intensity light at night and truly taking the time to wind down has made my sleep far better and allowed me to actually fall asleep much quicker than before, when I used to keep all of the artificial lights on in my house up until I went to bed.

If you’d like to learn more about the Honey Candles company and see some of their holiday designs, check out their website, http://www.purebeeswaxcandles.com.

I’d like to thank the company for providing samples for the purposes of this review, and thanks for reading. Do your best to support the companies that do things the right way this holiday season.

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