Six Ideas for GMO-Free Trick-or-Treat Handouts

Eating GMO-free is the only way to go, but if you’re like the many thousands of Americans who do, Halloween can be a stressful time.

A fun-sized Snickers bar is always seemingly within arm’s reach, and deciding what to buy for the kids in your neighborhood can be even more stressful than trying to deal with the former scenario.

The moral dilemma of purchasing and handing out GMO-laced candy and sending the wrong message can be eliminated, however, with smart shopping in preparation for the October 31 festivities in your neighborhood.

While you won’t be able to pick up these GMO-free Halloween treat options at your local CVS (for now, anyway), stocking up now can make for a relaxing, fun GMO-free Halloween, at least in your household.

Here are six great ideas for what to pass out when the kids come-a-knockin’:

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops-

You can buy single lollipops at your local health food store, or stock up with a bigger container which will come in handy this Halloween and can even stay in your cupboard for a pinata party down the line.

These are perhaps the most popular organic candies I’ve come across as I’ve seen them in multiple health food stores and online, and I’ve seen multiple moms talking about them as their go-to Halloween treat on message boards. Check out the 30-ounce size here.

Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit-

A good organic fruit roll-up is hard to find, and this certainly fits the criteria. While I’m not crazy about Clif Bar’s over-reliance on soy protein in a lot of its products, they supported the Yes on Proposition 37 in California initiative (to label GMOs) and this is a fine product for kids and anyone who likes fruit.

Find them at your local health food store, organic grocery store section or online at this link.

Nature’s Path Organic Peanut Choco Granola Bars-

While some kids may be let down that this isn’t a full-sized candy bar, they may change their minds when they take their first bite. These are tasty and use high-quality ingredients (soy oil notwithstanding). Nature’s Path is another Prop 37 supporter, and they deserve our support. Plus, kids these days need every bit of extra nutrition we can provide.

Nature’s Path is pretty widespread now, so you can find them in grocery stores, or check them out at this link.

Coconut Secret Mint Chocolate Bars-

I’m such a huge fan of these that I simply had to work them into my recommendations somehow. These are a little pricey for a GMO-free Halloween treat, more of a food/meal bar, but they feature fantastic ingredients including cacao nibs on the inside of the bar. Their rich taste and low glycemic index coconut nectar combination is hard to believe; something even a picky kid would love.

I’ve only seen these at one health food store out of the three or so I visit but they can also be found online here.

Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears-

In all my years of trick-or-treating, I only received about two or three bags of gummy bears. But rest assured, those made my night each time. These organic gummy bears, also from Yummy Earth, check in at just over 50 cents a bag making them a great value for your organic Halloween basket.

Newman’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups-

I’ve seen these on sale a lot, which surprises me, but it must be a function of them taking up residence in a health food store because these are phenomenal, as are the caramel cups. If you want a sure-fire GMO-free Halloween candy hit that will get kids talking about how good organic can taste, you can’t go wrong with either option.

Lastly, don’t forget, If you’re going to have a little sugar, make sure you enjoy it! Happy Halloween from!  




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