“Not Going to Back Down:” RFK Jr., De Niro Call Out Mainstream Media at Press Conference, Offer $100,000 Challenge Over Controversial Vaccine Additive



Clean vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the World Mercury Project, the producer of the vaccine documentary Vaxxed Del Bigtree, and actor Robert De Niro, who has recently joined the fight for safe vaccines, spoke to Washington D.C.  journalists at a news conference on the morning of February 15 about the urgent need to begin adequately covering stories about the risks of vaccines.

Kennedy, who has recently been asked by President Donald Trump to study vaccine safety, also gave the journalists an unexpected challenge: he vowed to give anyone $100,000 for finding a study showing that thimerosal at the amounts currently used in the vaccines is safe.

Kennedy is confident that such study does not exist.

On the conference table, he provided 240 studies, all of which he said showed that thimerosal (a vaccine preservative that contains 50% mercury) is extremely toxic and is associated with neurodevelopmental issues. Over 80 studies he presented show that it is linked to autism-like symptoms in humans and animals.

PHOTO: World Mercury Project, Facebook


After pointing out the concerning studies, Kennedy brought up vaccination facts that have been ignored by the mainstream media — and called out the journalists in the room for not covering these stories.

Over 6,000 Parents Sent World Mercury Project Cases of Children Injured by Vaccinations in Less Than 24 Hours

The number of parents’ who have children injured by vaccinations is growing every year, yet it is hidden from the general public. It is rare for anyone to ask them about their stories, so when Kennedy Jr. sent out a request for personal vaccine-injury cases, he has received over 6,000 personal accounts in less than 24 hours. These cases were presented in front of the reporters at the news conference.

The parents of these children are sometimes afraid to speak out as they have been shamed, verbally attacked, and shut down. The mainstream media has completely alienated them and refuses to hear their stories. But when given the outlet, thousands of families step forward all sharing an eerily similar story. Otherwise healthy children would lose eye contact and start showing autism-like symptoms right after or soon after receiving a vaccination.

De Niro is one of these parents. His wife Grace and he have a child with autism. He has spoken out previously about the corruption in the CDC, and has called out journalists before for not investigating it.

“If you are a scientist, let’s see it, let’s hear it. Everybody doesn’t seem to want to hear much about it. It’s shutdown. And you guys [speaking to news casters] are the ones that  should be investigating,” said De Niro on a Today Show.

The Media is Not Covering the Vaccine Debate, Instead Using “Anti-Vaxxer” label To Shut Down Information

“In all the years I have talked about the dangers of mercury in the fish, I have never been called anti-fish. So why am I being called an anti-vaxxer?”

Kennedy Jr. called out journalist sh shut him down as an “anti-vaxxer.” He requested that they find him a study that proves thimerosal as safe. PHOTO: Twitter


Anyone who has questioned the safety of thimerosal or other toxic preservatives in the vaccines have been completely shut down by the mainstream media. It has happened to Kennedy, De Niro, even when Jim Carrey spoke for making vaccines safe and thimerosal-free.

“I want to re-instate, I am pro-vaccines, I want safe vaccines,” said Kennedy Jr. at the conference. But if the past keeps repeating itself, his words will become unheard.

Because of a lack of respect for the clean vaccine movement, headlines are slanted and stories are marginalized. This may be because pharmaceutical companies bring huge advertisement revenue to the media at-large, and this conflict of interest provides “immunity” for them in many cases.

The numbers (read: dollar signs) certainly don’t lie.

Pharmaceutical Companies Spend More Money on Lobbying than Any Other Industry

An investigation by a Colorado TV station found that lawmakers are taking millions in campaign money from pharmaceutical companies.  This explains recent drug price hikes, but also shows that many politicians have essentially become puppets for the pharmaceutical companies.

In 2016, congressmen received $14,130,288 from the drug companies, plus many undisclosed perks they might have received: flights and hotel fees to speak at conferences, meals and any other bonuses gifted to them.

The total drug companies spent on lobbying last year is an astonishing $150,886,960. Half of the lobbyists are part of the so-called “revolving door” and many become congressmen after being lobbyists.

These long-held, cozy relationships resulted in the passing of The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which on the surface sounds like it should protect children, bit in reality gives immunity to the vaccine makers.

Vaccine Makers Cannot Be Sued. They Have Full Immunity Thanks To Congress.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 made it impossible for the vaccine makers to be sued. When a pharmaceutical company creates a drug that is later discovered to have horrible side effects, the company gets sued by the injured and has to pay the damages. (This happens a lot. Just watch the movie Doctored for some of the big cases).

When the company making a vaccine injures a child, the vaccine makers do not get sued. Instead the family has to go through what some have referred to as the Vaccine Court and petition the government to compensate for the child’s medical care that resulted from the injury.

The process is extremely long and often takes a few decades to complete. Even when the family of the injured child wins the case, it has no effect on the vaccine maker.

This act of 1986 gave vaccine manufacturers the green light to continue making more vaccines without thoroughly studying the effects of giving so many shots on a developing child.

As the result, children today receive an astonishing number of vaccines. In 1983 the childhood vaccination recommendation schedule had 11 shots, according to the CDC. In 1995, there were 20. In 2005, there were 26 plus an annual flu shot, making it a total of 44.  And in 2016, there were 34, plus 18 annual flu shots, or a total of 52 shots. The high-risk groups receive even more vaccinations. The number of childhood vaccinations is growing each year.

As Bigtree reiterated after Kennedy Jr.’s speech, neither of the three men, not him, not Kennedy, not De Niro ever spoke about being  anti-vaccination.

Instead, all are fighting against governmental and pharmaceutical corruption that chooses money over research into how to make vaccinations safer, and never stops to question — do we really need that many?

The pharmaceutical companies continue to insist that the amount of toxic chemicals like thimerosal is not dangerous and that vaccines are necessary for public health. But questions such as why so many different chemicals in vaccines are present in the first place have not been adequately explained, and serious vaccine injury stories are becoming more and more publicized as alternative media grows by the day.

Ultimately, the hope is that De Niro, Bigtree and Kennedy Jr.’s work is what will bring the change, and spur more journalists to action, doing what they do best — asking the hard questions, and speaking truth to power.

Considering the amount of leeway they’ve been given in the past (and the startling amount of questions they’ve yet to answer), it stands to reason that the vaccine makers should be next in line to face the heat.

The video recording of the conference is now available at the World Mercury Project website.


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