Another Settlement for “All Natural” Foods: How to Claim Up to $100 from Barbara’s Without a Receipt

On the heels of a large-scale Naked Juice class action settlement award for customers is a new, similar settlement involving products from Barbara’s Bakery, which makes a line of cereals, baked goods and other items.

Babara’s had deemed many of them to be “all-natural,” but the lawsuit alleged that they contained genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

According to the terms of the settlement, which was recently reported on in an article by the website Underground Health, customers who purchased Barbara’s Bakery products in the last five years may be entitled to settlement awards worth up to $100.

The allegations in the lawsuit Trammell v. Barbara’s Bakery were denied by the company, but Barbara’s has agreed to offer up to $100 in reimbursements to customers. They will now also remove any potentally misleading terms on the front of their boxes such as “all-natural,” no artificial additives” and others.

You may be entitled to up to $100 if you purchased Barbara's products in the last five years.

You may be entitled to up to $100 if you purchased Barbara’s products in the last five years.

Barbara’s Bakery products were often found in the organic and natural sections of grocery stores as well as in select health food stores, and their cereals such as “Puffins” were targeted toward children using colorful animal characters and unique shapes.

According to terms of the settlement, no proof of purchases is necessary to make a claim.

Depending on how much you spent, you may be eligible to receive anywhere from $10-100.

To make your claim, visit this website.

What the Barbara’s and Naked Juice Settlements Mean Going Forward

It will be interesting to see how this affects the food industry going forward, especially considering how easy it is for food products to become cross-contaminated from GMOs.

Recently, unintentional contamination of both wheat and alfalfa have been found, and the problem could get worse if more GMOs are approved and allowed to be grown, even in test plots.

The GMO issue is ultimately making things much more confusing for both consumers and companies seeking truly natural foods. At the same time, the hope now is that others will be truthful about their own ingredients in order to avoid such lawsuits, and avoid potentially misleading “natural” labels.



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