Find Natural Relief for Red, Swollen Eyes with this Chinese Herbal Remedy


The problem of people getting red, swollen eyes is growing in large part due to too much computer and other media use, and most people attempt to resolve this problem by buying unnatural, chemical-laden products at the local drug store.

While those products may sometimes work, another school of thought is to go natural by using a specific type of Chinese herb that has been utilized for healing red, swollen eyes naturally for quite a while.

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest systems of healing in the world, and the popularity of many of its herbs has spread from the United States all the way down to South America and across the world.

Most practitioners of Chinese medicine are very skilled at treating the body holistically, and are especially in tune with the body’s temperature, their patients’ emotions and other things that modern medicine overlooks.

Certain herbs are also excellent for specific conditions, and one of them is Mi Meng Hua, which is classified as an herb capable of “clearing heat and purging fire.”

While the herb is based used under the care of a skilled Chinese herbal practitioner and it is important to consult a doctor before trying it (this article should not be taken as medical advice), it has been show to be effective for relieving many conditions of the eye including red eyes.


Its main uses according to the website American Dragon are:

-Cleansing the liver
-Brightening the eyes
-Reducing swelling
-Correcting energy imbalances (adaptogenic)

According to the website, the herb is slightly toxic and should be used with caution to avoid over dosage as it may cause dizziness, vomiting, dyspepsia, numbness of the extremities and tremors.

The herb, like most natural Chinese medicine, is of course best used under the care of a professional healer, and works best when combined with other herbs to enhance its most beneficial properties.

It does have a sweet taste, however, which may be derived from its origin: flower buds. If you’d like to give it a try, you should give one of your local Chinese medicine practitioners a call.

The herb can also be taken in a tea, and can be purchased online by clicking here.


Mi Meng Hua is often used in herbal tinctures as part of a formula to help support eye health, and to rid the eyes of their redness or swollen feeling.

Of course if you do purchase it, make sure it is used under the care of a professional, and ideally after a full holistic health exam so you can determine what the underlying causes of the condition are and how they may be affecting the eye so you can make the proper lifestyle changes.

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