What Harvard Doctor Confesses in this Minute-Long Video Reaffirms Everyone’s Worst Fears About Big Pharma

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Dr. Jack Abramson. Photo via YouTube screen capture

The corruption, misleading science and lobbying power of the pharmaceutical industry has been called out by multiple doctors, public health researchers, and ex-drug company reps for years now.

But what the highly respected Dr. John Abramson said in a just-over-a-minute-long video has cast even more suspicion on an how the pharmaceutical industry really operates.

During a Mind Body Medicine course at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Abramson was on the receiving end of a hard-hitting question from paramedic James P. Hilton that he was not fully ready to answer.

But what he said, and his lack of further words on the matter, spoke for itself.

“The Pharmaceutical Industry Watches Everything I Do”

Questions surrounding the safety and efficacy of vaccines are generally not asked in the mainstream media, except for the occasional investigative report.

Most people blindly accept the CDC party line on vaccines, which is perhaps part of the reason why Dr. Abramson was taken aback by Hilton’s question, which is as follows:

“I’d like you to share your opinion on the current push toward compulsory vaccination, in absence of clinical trials, and in violation of the Nuremberg Code.”

Upon hearing it, Dr. Abramson was forced to recollect himself to process the gravity of the situation, shortly before offering up the following words to an astonished audience.

“I would have to take the coward’s way out,” Dr. Abramson replied, before expounding upon his answer (see the video below).

“I can’t take on that issue. The pharmaceutical industry watches everything I do, and if I take a stand that I can’t defend…” he says before finally trailing off.

The vaccine issue is a complicated one indeed, and what Dr. Abramson hints in the later part of the video is a big part of the reason why.

Do Mandatory Vaccines Violate the Nuremberg Code?

Dr. Abramson wasn’t able to give a full answer to Hilton’s question, but it’s clear that something is amiss when it comes to mandatory vaccinations and the Nuremberg Code.

The push toward mandatory vaccines started with California in 2015 and Senate Bill 277, which removed personal exemptions and a choice-of-option out of several childhood vaccinations for children who go to public schools.

Now many other states are fighting against the same fate. The industry pushes mandatory vaccine laws and schedules despite a lack of medical research on the risks of this rigorous and unforgiving approach, while many vaccine injury stories point to the serious harm it may cause over time.

Considering that these vaccines can inflict injures ranging from mild to severe (like most other pharmaceutical products) making them mandatory is patently against the Nuremberg Code, critics say.

The code is an important one to say the least. A set of ethical rules regarding medicine, which came out as a result of the horrors of World War II, one of its main principles is that the patient must give their consent to anything done to them.

Mandatory vaccinations take that protection away. Dr. Abramson of course hinted at it, but did not dare speak of it.

“The Science is Incomplete. There is No Question About It”

Dr. Abramson’s confession that the industry is “watching his every move” hints at a larger conspiracy — that intelligent doctors who see the big picture and are critical of the system are being tracked, and perhaps even targeted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Abramson did not reveal all, but he certainly had a mouthful to say about the topic of pharmaceutical and vaccine industry corruption.

“The bottom line is that…I think what the science is — is incomplete. There is no question about it,” he said about the safety of the vaccines that are being forced upon the population.

Despite these concerns, the push for new vaccines, and more mandatory vaccines, continues unabated.

Watch Dr. Abramson’s full confession in the video below:

Vaccine Companies and Pharmaceuticals: Can You Really Trust the Research? 

While pharmaceuticals have their place in what can be a highly useful system of modern medicine (at least when it comes to acute problems and emergencies) and vaccines do provide some immunity, the big question on everybody’s minds is whether the risks outweigh the benefits.

Children are especially at risk when it comes to these harsh medicines, and the growing vaccine schedule certainly complicates things further. The current CDC schedule includes over 60 doses of different vaccines; the number varies based on if the child is in an at-risk group or not.

That is a significantly larger number of vaccines than the previous generation used to receive, and the vaccine makers are working on more and more new ones each day. But the science they are using to explain the need for these vaccines is, like Dr. Abramson said, incomplete.

In fact, it’s oftentimes written or sponsored by the drugmakers themselves.

Former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and the author of the popular book “The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It,” Marcia Angell, wrote that:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.”

Pharmaceutical companies often create products that hurt the patients. And they are sued for it for compensation. But the vaccine industry is different.

When a diabetes drug gets linked to causing cancer, the two companies responsible are made to pay $9 billion in damages. When an antidepressant manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline is caught illegally persuading doctors to prescribe the drug to children, the company paid $3 billion in fines.

But when a child gets injured by a vaccine, the family has to fight for years in a family vaccine court. Some families get compensated, most do not. But in both cases, it does not affect the company who created the vaccine. This is because of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, which removed the financial liability of vaccine makers.

The act has made the pharmaceutical companies almost unstoppable when it comes to creating more vaccines without complete research. The full result and damage of this is yet to be calculated, and is partly uncovered by those who are willing to speak out.

“That’s really all I can say. Because again, everything I say in public is read. So I apologize,” Dr. Abramson concluded his answer.

More on his eye-opening information about the state of the pharmaceutical industry can be read in his book, “Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine.

You can also hear Dr. Abramson talk about the rampant problem of commercialized drug research in the video below:

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