How to Heal and Get Rid of Acne Naturally: An Exclusive Interview with David Benjamin from Acne Erasing Secrets

Persistent acne is one of the most frustrating and personal health problems among the current generation, and for millions of people the answers to that problem never seem to come.

Years of being inundated with TV commercials downplaying or outright dismissing the role of diet and lifestyle changes in causing acne has done a number on most of these people’s minds, leading them to try expensive creams and medications that usually only cover up the problem and create a cycle of dependency.

Such medications also can cause serious side effects, as our guest David Benjamin of the ‘Acne Erasing Secrets’ website’s mother found out first hand when her other son was born with a birth defect from the one popular type of medication.

The experience, along with his own mother’s holistic recovery from serious health problems through diet and lifestyle changes (including Stage 4 cancer), turned him on to natural health and led him to research the truth about what causes acne and how people can heal from it naturally.

He sat down with AltHealthWORKS for an interview recently on what people can do to achieve clear skin without having to set foot in a dermatologist’s office ever again:

AltHealthWORKS: So David, tell us how you became interested in natural health, specifically acne treatments.

David Benjamin : Well my mom was one of the first people to try Acutane, she got rid of her acne using it but felt weird taking it so got off the drug before the end of when the doctor recommended she be done taking it. Years later (after the drug said it was safe to had kids) she gave birth to my older brother who was born with a birth defect because of Acutane.

Not only that, but years later in life she got cancer as well.  I cannot say that the drug caused cancer but I wouldn’t say that it helped.  The doctor said that the Acutane caused my brother’s birth defect so I have seen firsthand how dangerous something to treat acne can be.

This led my mom to learn more about natural health and healing, she always had a general interest in it but this really caused her to learn and tune into who she knew was using a more natural approach overall.

Thankfully, being raised in that household has helped me be more health conscious and realize the importance that our diet, skincare & cosmetic products have on our skin and how clear and healthy it is.

AHW: Of course, the acne medication companies all say that diet has little to no effect on acne…but you would disagree?

DB: Yes, I disagree to the extent that a lion would disagree with a gazelle. The reason why is because everything we put in (ingest) and on (topical) our body has an effect on our skin and whether it’s healthy and clear or not.

The digestive system and internal environment when healthy produces healthy new skin cells and detoxifies toxins, removes dead bacteria and keeps the hormones balanced to regulate the oiliness of the skin.

When you are healthy and your body is balanced, your skin is too.

AHW: It sounds quite reasonable, but we never seem to hear about holistic acne treatments, do we?

DB: Nope, Proactiv sells over 600 million dollars a year in chemical junk.  The product is nothing more than benzoyl peroxide which caused cancer in lab studies with mice and rats by the way.

Other companies sell chemical-laden so called skin “care” products that are nothing more than chemicals to burn acne or kill bacteria in a bottle.

Then you have Big Derma, they sell antibiotics to kill all bacteria which leads to candida and other types of infections because antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the gut that help to balance the bad bacteria that causes acne.

When you have a bunch of junk to sell, and you are selling it well because people tend to not do the research, why tell them the truth that diet does affect their acne when you can sell them an unhealthy solution that makes money?

Benzoyl peroxide is GCAS (Generally classified as safe) yet it causes cancer in mice and rats, why is that? Makes you wonder why.

I see it as money and profits; ignore the cause of acne and either burn it or kill it with chemicals and call it ‘skincare’ and normal to clear up acne that way.

AHW: And if you stop using the BP, the odds are that the acne will come right back, right? Is that what a lot of the people you help end up telling you?

DB: Most people that stop using BP or “skincare” products that have BP don’t see long-term results. They have to continue putting toxic chemicals on their skin each day to keep the acne at bay and to keep their skin clear.

Most people that use a natural approach cleanse their body and give their body and skin nutrition see progress over time and their acne clears up, and as long as they continue to support their health and digestive system with a primarily plant-based diet the skin stays clear and sometimes they even lose weight, have more energy and feel much better overall too.

AHW: So diet has a big role, but what about the people who eat unhealthy and still have clear skin, what are the factors that go into that?

DB: That’s a great question, I get this often.

David Benjamin, shown here in Chicago, has been helping people clear their skin naturally for years.

David Benjamin, shown here in Chicago, has been helping people clear their skin naturally for years.

The interesting thing that people need to understand that our bodies are extremely complex and the diets we eat are extremely complex and diverse as well.

There are potentially quite a few factors that go into the cause of acne and clear skin such as the overall diet, the toxicity in the body, the PH of the body and skin, the bacterial balance of the gut, hormonal imbalances and even emotions.

Someone who eats junk food may still have enough good bacteria in their gut because they eat a ton of foods that contain prebiotics (which give the body the ability to grow probiotics) and garlic for example which would kill bad bacteria enough to keep acne at bay in certain circumstances.

The thing to keep in mind is whatever you eat affects your health both now and in the long run, I like to remind people that having acne is a blessing because you get to see that your health can be improved and when you do improve your health you see the tangible effect of it.

For those who don’t get acne, they are still harming their health, their internal organs, their digestive system etc… And down the road they will have to deal with potentially a much bigger health threat such as a life-threatening disease simply because they didn’t have anything showing them that they weren’t healthy such as acne or obesity.

My recommendation to those that have acne and that have this question is to focus on what you can do to improve your health and skin.  We often get caught up in the “It’s not fair” mindset which leads us to do nothing because we see others and think, “Well, they don’t need to do (fill in the blank) to achieve (fill in the blank).”

We have to take our power to change our health, to clear up our skin and use it. Looking for reasons why others have temporarily gotten lucky and don’t have acne is usually just an excuse to avoid getting healthy yourself to clear up your own skin, so don’t do that!

AHW: So what was your relationship with acne growing up and how did that shape your approach as a health educator?

DB: I had acne myself when I was a teen; I started getting acne at about 12 or so and had it on and off for 5 years till about 17. During that time I tried all the junk on the market, Proactiv, Clean & Clear etc.

But as the years progressed I got smarter and used herbs for cleansing my digestive system, specifically the colon, intestines & liver. Then I also started incorporating natural skincare products, clay masks, using apple cider vinegar topically and some other things.

I got better results and my skin got clearer as I ate healthier and focused on improving my health.  Eventually all my acne went away as I stuck to it and incorporated all of the natural things I had learned.

My acne came back in small amounts after high school when I ignored eating healthy but since then I have gotten much better about incorporating healthy foods and products into my diet and life so that my skin stays clear consistently.

AHW: And then you launched the Acne Erasing Secrets program, of course. How did people begin to react to it at first and when did you get your first success stories?

DB: I decided to create Acne Erasing Secrets because I had acquired so much knowledge and information on health overall, specific to the health of the skin over the years, that I wanted to teach others how to avoid things like Acutane and benzoyl peroxide and to use a natural approach that not only helps their skin but clears it up for good.

It started off slow; I remember making YouTube videos on how to clear up acne using diet, cleansing & natural skincare routines and it seemed like no one was listening at first. To be honest, barely anyone watched my videos and it started off very slow.

But I stayed consistent because I knew that I could help people and as I created more videos I got better at creating a video that got the message and point across.

The first person who used the Acne Erasing Secrets program made me really happy.  I remember thinking “Someone paid for my book and will really benefit from it.”

Since then I have gotten countless YouTube comments, over 2 million video views, and tons of Facebook comments and emails saying “You’ve cleared up my acne in less than a month and I’ve been trying things for years from multiple dermatologists and doctors.” I believe I have more videos on more topics relating to natural skincare than anyone on YouTube.

It feels really good to know that all of that learning and experience now allows me to become even smarter in my approach to help people clear up their skin.

Soon I will be updating the training videos in the program yet again to make it even more effective so that the users will be able to heal their body, their gut and clear up their skin faster using only natural approaches and methods, better than ever before.

AHW: If you had to pinpoint three things that people need to change lifestyle and/or diet wise in order to begin to address their acne problems, what would they be? The three most common things, just briefly.

DB: I would say the top 3 are:

1. Drink more water and less of everything else: The general rule is to drink 50% of your body weight in ounces of water each day.  Spring or purified/filtered water is what I recommend.

2. Eat more organic raw vegetables and fruits and less of everything else:  Your body gets the most bang for its diet buck by eating vegetables and fruits.  There are so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, natural acids, enzymes and other compounds in vegetables and fruits that help your body stay healthy and keep your skin clear.

And finally…

3. I recommend a herbal cleansing routine:  The Fiberzon & Envirozon herbal blends from the Amazon Herb product line are amazing at cleansing the intestines, colon & liver, which are very important organs to cleanse and support nutritionally to clear up the skin.

The common reason that people get acne is because toxicity or infections are in the intestines or liver which leads to spreading toxins or an infection throughout the body, which causes it to show up on the skin. In these cases, it’s not being properly broken down and passed out of the digestive system and manifests itself in the form of acne and other skin abnormalities.

AHW: And you include more information including a specific cleansing routine for natural acne care in a report, right? Where can people get it?

DB: I don’t talk about the herbs and what I recommend specifically for them in the Secret Acne Cleanse report.

But the ‘Secret Acne Cleanse’ report is a PDF ebook I give away to help those who have acne to sort of jumpstart the process to getting clear skin. They can get the cleanse for free by clicking here.

They can also find me on the Acne Erasing Secrets Facebook page, and get the cleanse when they like it.

AHW: Sounds good. Thanks for joining us, David.

DB: Thanks for having me!




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