Suspended! Nestlé Reprimanded by Sustainable Palm Oil Group, Can No Longer Include Claim on Its Products




The Nestlé company has a long and hard-earned reputation as a favorite food company of millions of people across the globe, but its shiny veneer has shown signs of cracking in recent years, as more people have become aware of its long, sordid history of scandals.

But recently, the company’s plans took a major hit, as it was announced that one of their biggest programs for preserving a “sustainable” image can no longer be claimed.



Sustainable Palm Oil Certification to Be Removed From Nestlé Packages

According to a new report from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Nestlé company has had its sustainable palm oil membership suspended after it failed to submit a report on how it would ensure that the palm oil used in its many products would be certified sustainable.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil announced the news on behalf of its members, which include palm producers, consumer companies, and activist groups.

The suspension could be a huge blow to Nestlé, which is the largest seller of packaged foods in the world and uses the oil in many of its products.

Activists have been sounding the alarm over the hazards of consuming palm oil to orangutan populations in recent years, which has caused a mad dash for packaged food companies like Nestlé to become “certified sustainable” in any way, shape or form, or else risking lose tons of business from conscious consumers.

In this case, Nestlé appears to be way behind on fulfilling its commitments, as it was announced that they still have not submitted their report for 2016, and in 2017 submitted the report without a time-bound plan.

The suspension extends to all subsidiaries of the company, it was announced.

Many Nestlé products, including their popular Kit-Kat candy bars, contain palm oil.

Nestlé has said that it produces its products with ingredients sourced from a “segregated, certified-sustainable palm oil in its Australian chocolate factory.”

But they were also accused by the Rainforest Action Network along with a host of other companies (including Mars and Hershey) of “deceiving” their customers on sustainable palm oil.

“Nestle, Mars and Hershey have cherry-picked their [palm oil] targets and then moved the goalposts when they don’t achieve them,” RAN’s Laurel Sutherlin told The Guardian according to ABC Australia.

The company had the follow to say according to ABC: 

“Nestlé is committed to achieving traceability to plantations and to improving supply chain practices through intervention on the ground, rather than relying on audits or certificates,” said spokesperson Margaret Stuart via email.

“The suspension does not affect the sustainable sourcing of any of our ingredients containing palm oil: we are still buying the same ingredients from the same suppliers.”


Why You Should Boycott Nestlé Whenever Possible

While Nestlé does provide some healthy products and even recently bought one of the biggest organic supplement companies in the world, Garden of Life, consumers should still proceed with caution if not outright boycott the company.

Simply put, it’s hard to ensure the purity and ethical nature of a food supply when you’ve extended yourself so far in so many directions as Nestle has over the years.

Buying from companies like Nestlé is the antithesis of the local food movement, and it may come at a dire cost for both health and environment down the line.

And of course the biggest controversy is Nestlé’s ongoing water scandals, which gained nationwide attention after statements from former CEO Peter Brabek that he believes the vast majority of all water on Earth should not be a public right.

Considering that Nestle is now being allowed to mine public water supplies in Michigan essentially for free due to $13 million tax breaks (and potentially because of cozy relationships within the state’s government) only to turn around and sell it right back to the general populace, it’s clear that we are dealing with a company that has little regard for the will of the people, let alone defenseless animals in this case.

For more information on the sordid history of Nestlé, you can check out this article, and please let us know whether you still plan to buy their products or not in the comments section below.

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