Four CBD Oil Companies Out of 40 Receive Top Grades From Health Watchdog Group for Overall Quality, Organic Ingredients and More




The market for CBD products has grown immensely in recent years, including the rise of countless new companies seeking to cash in on one of the most lucrative national health trends of all-time.

As more and more states finally begin to legalize hemp for the first time in decades, more companies are springing up.

Even major players in the natural health industry who never dreamed of making CBD products in the past have also gotten into the act, like Garden of Life and Ancient Nutrition from Dr. Josh Axe.

These two product lines are just 2 of the 40 tested recently by the Center for Food Safety non-profit, and a surprising foursome of brands came out on top for overall quality, organic status, transparency of processes and testing/auditing.



Top Four CBD Brands Revealed

According to the report, which is available for download on the Center for Food Safety’s website, titled ‘Hemp CBD Scorecard: An Evaluation of Hemp CBD Producers,’ only 4 out of 40 brands tested were worth of an “A” grade this year.

The four brands are:

1. Fountain of Health CBD

2. Green Gorilla

3. Palmetto Harmony

4. RE: Botanicals, Hemp Apothecary

These brands were rated based on hemp farming and organic certification, processing and testing/auditing.

The CFS also evaluated which products use ethanol/alcohol versus CO2 during processing, which companies test for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals such as lead, and microbiological contaminants, which companies are clearly and openly conveying information about their practices to consumers, and more.

Among other factors, CFS also evaluated: How many products are certified organic or made with organic ingredients; Which products use ethanol/alcohol versus CO2 during processing; Which companies test for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals such as lead, and microbiological contaminants; Which companies are clearly and openly conveying information about their production practices to consumers and more.



Products receiving a “B” grade included CBD Living Gaia Herbs, Inesscents, Innovative CBD, Medterra, Nature’s Love, Sagely Naturals, and Vital Leaf.

Other notables include Plus CBD Oil, which received a “C,” Garden of Life and Charlotte’s Web, which also received a “C,” and Ancient Nutrition, which received an “F” grade. Barlean’s and Irwin Naturals, two other relatively well known brands found at health food stores, also received “F” grades.

For full results, check out the report here, which includes a chart of all major brands tested.

Thanks for reading! Which CBD oil brand do you use and recommend personally, if any? Let us know in the comments section below.



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