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A Million Pounds on Three Acres: Urban Farmer Proves That Small Scale Farming Can Feed the World

Small-scale organic farming is the answer to world hunger, not large chemically-dominated monocultures or GMOs. That was the main finding of a 2011 United Nations report titled “Agro-ecology and the Right to Food.” Despite this empowering, exciting discovery, the mainstream media has continually ignored the power of the small-scale farmer, [...]
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Washington State Political Leader Lashes Out at GMOs: “Our farmers are becoming collateral damage”

Two recent discoveries of cross contamination from genetically modified crops have jeopardized the livelihoods of thousands of American farmers, and State Senator Maralyn Chase from the city of Shoreline, Washington isn’t happy about it. “Our state’s farmers are becoming collateral damage to the reckless practices of the agriculture industry in [...]
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