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Doctors Warn: Potential Long Term Side Effects of Mask Wearing Include Shortness of Breath, a Weakened Immune System and Chronic Respiratory Conditions

    Photo via       This article uses information and quotes from a similar article originally published by Microsoft News (MSN). The MSN article was subsequently removed in recent weeks as more and more states began mandating mask wearing for “essential workers” and people working, shopping, eating [...]
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Hillary Clinton’s Foundation Arranged for Chinese Vaccine Makers to Avoid U.S. Scrutiny, World Health Organization Report Reveals

    Editor’s note: This article was first written in 2016. It does not reference COVID-19 or COVID-19 vaccines, but it does shed light on the multi-billion dollar global vaccine market and how business is conducted, along with concerns about vaccine oversight, quality control, adverse events and safety testing.    [...]
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