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Holistic Dentist Shares Her Thoughts on Mercury Fillings, Fluoride in The Water Supply and Other Controversial Topics

  Going to the dentist is a longstanding tradition for millions of families seeking improved dental health, but the industry has shifted in recent years as more patients seek holistic-minded options. Holistic dentistry is still far from the mainstream, but by and large it is distinguished from mainstream dentistry through [...]
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Proof That GMOs Should Be Banned? Years-in-the-Making Database Shows Scientific Studies of Monsanto’s Creations for the Very First Time

The genetically modified food experiment carried out on the unsuspecting public by Monsanto has only been taking place for about 25 years, and began with the first-ever failed GMO food, tomatoes, back in 1994. The so-called “FlavrSavr” GMO tomato was roundly rejected by consumers, restaurant chains, and supermarkets alike, leading [...]
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