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This Flower is One of the Best Ways to Reduce Inflammation, Improve Feelings of Anxiety and Stave Off the Flu

It’s one of the most powerful remedies in North America, utilized for hundreds of years. Even with this long, outstanding history of effective use, echinacea is still not a household name, as most people prefer over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Despite its relative anonymity, using echinacea consistently offers transformative health benefits. [...]
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This Collection of Healthy Goodies is the Ultimate Holiday Gift for the Mushroom Lover in Your Life

The popularity of edible and medicinal mushrooms has grown immensely in recent years, and shows no signs of slowing. Mushrooms offer incredible health benefits such as anti-cancer properties, enhanced mental function and clarity, enhanced immunity, and much more. Over the years many innovative health products have been made from mushrooms, [...]
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Holistic Doctor Warns: Most Coffee is Tainted By a Hidden Toxin. Do This If You Love Coffee and Value Your Health

Dr. Charles Livingston is a board certified chiropractic physician, better health and wellness enthusiast, and the founder and CEO of LifeBoost Coffee. Dr. Livingston is a big fan of entrepreneurship as well as coffee, as evidenced by his thriving business. According to Dr. Livingston, coffee is incredibly healthy. Coffee increases [...]
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