Southern California Gym Reopens With Assigned Workout Pods for Clients to Exercise Inside



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The coronavirus situation has created a “new normal” that many people are still getting used to, and never want to have to get used if they can at all help it.

Changes to society include stores and restaurants revamping their entire dining rooms and adding signage for social distancing, the CDC releasing new guidelines for how schools can “safely reopen” this fall including mask-wearing for all children over the age of 2, and even the growing use of sophisticated AI cameras that track employees’ every move within the workplace.

Recently, yet another surprising change took place in one of the least expected ways, however, and it could be yet another clue as to how far the world may change as a result of this one particular virus.

Southern California Gym to Take Temperatures, Add Workout Pods

Gyms across the country have been among the last businesses to reopen following the spread of the coronavirus, and many have been busy taking extra precautions for when patrons inevitably come back.



One particular, gym, Inspire South Bay Fitness on Artesia Boulevard in Redondo Beach, California, was expected to hit its returning customers with “the works:” temperature taking, waivers to be signed, and the introduction of assigned, individual “pods” for customers to work out in, conjuring up images of the movie “Bubble Boy.

After being granted access to their assigned workout pod in the gym’s redesigned post COVID-19 floor space, gym patrons will have their choice of free weights and other equipment.

“It’s been really tough, we weren’t sure if we were gonna [be] able to reopen again,” gym owner Peet Sapsin said to KRON-4 San Francisco.

“But because now that we’ve come up with this solution, it’s a lot more affordable and, now, we can reopen back up a little more safer and healthier for our clients.”


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Gym owner Peet Sapsin leads a group fitness class at the gym as participants follow along in their specially designed pods.




Only nine people will be allowed inside the gym at any given time, half of the usual capacity.

The state’s guidelines also mandate additional hand sanitizing and cleaning of equipment, and personal trainers must wear a mask and remain six feet apart from their clients.

Saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs will have to remain closed, KRON-4 reported.




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