Shocking Reversal: GMO Labeling Measure Needs Support NOW

Despite nationwide polls showing that respondents favor the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients by totals of around 90%, the landmark Proposition 37 ballot initiative in California to do the same is now trailing according to a recent projected poll.

A press release from the California Right to Know campaign released today included numbers from a recent Pepperdine University study showing that the “No” on 37 side now has a projected 50.5% of the vote compared with 39.1% for the “Yes” crowd.

In California, recent poll results had shown around 65% for the “Yes” side for GMO labeling before a massive campaign of deception was unleashed upon the public from pesticide, GMO crop “science” and junk food manufacturers, which have been accused of peddling false statistics about increased grocery bills, misrepresenting government statements on GMO labeling, and much more.

The total spending tally so far: $44.2 million for the “No” crowd compared with $7.4 million for the “Yes” crowd, the latter of which has been boosted mostly by smaller food companies, both “conventional” and organic, as well as individual donations.

While the “Yes” campaign remains confident, it has acknowledged that this is a critical time for supporting their side with funds and awareness and it also has worked to organize individual demonstrators on the ground, which could be the “X-factor” when it’s all said and done. Still, the time is now to make a stand against unregulated, cross-contaminating, health-harming GMO foods the way other countries have in recent years, as the GMO-free movement may not get this chance again for a while.

It took an unprecedented grassroots effort of a million+ signatures to simply get the measure on the ballot for GMO labeling, and we’ve come too far to be defeated by a bunch of money-grubbing chemical companies that are undermining and destroying the integrity of our food, as well as our health and the health of the planet.

New GMO Labeling Poll: TV Commercials Could Turn the Tide

The good news in all of this comes from secondary stats showing that people who don’t watch TV in California are far more likely to vote “Yes” on Prop. 37 for GMO labeling.

The TV campaign waged against Consumers’ Right to Know has focused mainly on scaring people into believing food prices would sharply rise, even though various studies show that not be the likely case if the labeling law passed.

The “Yes” on Prop. 37 campaign has also repeatedly noted the positive responses from people who are educated on the issue. While there is a growing, dedicated base of people who strongly favor GMO transparency, especially in light of recent trials linking the crops to cancer in France and subsequent bans overseas, the masses remain completely uninformed in many areas.

That’s why supporting the California Right to Know campaign is crucial as continues to push its tide-turning TV commercial. The campaign only has a few days left to reach their target for airing the commercial, and every donation counts. You can see the commercial here; to donate to the campaign, visit

In addition, is doing its part to support the campaign through its “Buy Amazon Herbs, Support GMO Labeling” promotion, which has just been extended to Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 5 p.m. From now until then, all proceeds from purchases in the Amazon Herb Company store on this website will be donated to support the GMO labeling initiative. A total of 10% also goes to help preserve the Amazon Rain Forest.

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Among the standout products are Camu Gold, which provides nature’s strongest source of Vitamin C, Fiberzon, which is excellent for internal cleansing and detox programs, and Graviola (or Gravizon), one of the most potent anti-cancer substances according to a Purdue University  researcher.

To check out the store, products, or to make a purchase in support of GMO labeling, click here. It’s a win-win!

Thanks for reading and let’s all pull together to support this historic initiative!

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