Improve Daily Sperm Count Naturally in 7 Days with Black Maca Root


As the ongoing natural health revolution continues, more and more people are discovering the latest and greatest superfoods, especially hormone balancers such as maca root and maca powder

This has had the effect of increasing the health of millions of people, as well as the sales of these products, and the health food stores that carry them. Superfood purchases are also getting more and more specific, as people look for answers to longtime health problems that modern medicine hasn’t been able to solve with drugs. 

In regards to maca, many people don’t realize that there are specific types of maca that help to address specific health problems, and black maca root is certainly one of them, along with red maca root and brown maca root. 

Black maca root is particularly useful for improving sperm counts in just 1-7 days in lab animals.

Black maca root is particularly useful for improving sperm counts in just 1-7 days in lab animals. Photo:

Maca root of the black variety has been shown to increase the sperm counts in men, as well as sperm mobility, which helps to make a man more fertile, virile, and capable of helping his partner to conceive. The effects were witnessed practically overnight, as we’ll discuss a bit later in this article. 

As more and more couples experience fertility problems, it’s worth noting that black maca is a possible natural solution that has been extensively studied.


In addition to the ability to raise sperm counts, black maca has been shown to: 

-Increase memory in mice
-Protect against oxidative stress (better than other maca colors)
-Help improve energy and endurance levels
-Work as a natural anti-depressant
-Help reduce adrenal fatigue according to studies on mice

In terms of the sperm count improvement, researchers have found that men may be able to improve their numbers starting on day one, with an increase in daily sperm production (DSP) seen in just 7 days. The study was published in Andrologia and the results can be seen on the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website.

While black maca hasn’t seen the mainstream distribution or success of brown maca just yet, studies like these are just one reason why it could be the next big thing in superfoods for men, especially those hoping to conceive with their partners.

Black maca root can be taken in smoothies or in servings of about 2-4 teaspoons per day morning and night, and has a mild flavor that mixes well with other smoothie ingredients.

You can check out a black maca root supplement by clicking here. 


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