NutriBullet (or Vitamix) Anti-Inflammatory Mint Smoothie Recipe


Mint is one of the most common and beloved herbs in the culinary world, and is often chewed after meals to give a boost of digestive health, especially in Mediterranean cuisine.

But did you know you can get these and other benefits in the form of a mint smoothie as well?

Mint offers a ton of other health benefits including support for weight loss, energy, cardiovascular health (it can actually help you improve your VO2 max according to one study) and much more.

The humble herb is also excellent for fighting inflammation, which can contribute to disease and a host of other problems within the body.

If you’re looking for a new way to get mint into your diet, check out this delicious anti-inflammatory mint smoothie from my good friend Salome Torres of, who co-authored the Amazon best seller ‘Raw Chocolate Revolution’ with me and provided the recipes.

Check out the video below or recipe instructions from Salome. The recipe works well in a Nutribullet, VitaMix or other blender:



This particular recipe is an excellent way to use any extra mint you may have laying around from your personal herb garden. Mint an be grown easily on a windowsill or outside in the sun on your porch as well.

For more recipes like this one, which comes from a book Salome and I co-created titled ‘Raw Vegan Radiance: The Best Smoothie Recipes for Natural Beauty,’ check out the book.

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