My Own Personal Experience with an Energy Tapping Professional, Sandy Ross, Via Skype


Energy tapping is one of those holistic health techniques that sounds so simple, many people assume it simply couldn’t be all that effective in comparison with more “modern” techniques.

After trying it out under the supervision of a professional by the name of Sandy Ross, I can say without hesitation that those thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.

Energy tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping, is a simple yet complex process of tapping as many as 14 different meridian (energy) points on your body while reading statements or speaking with a professional.

The statements are designed to help you get to the root of hidden memories, fears, insecurities, or other things in your subsconscious mind, so that you can directly confront them and then “tap them away.”


My Energy Tapping Experience with Sandy Ross

Have you ever felt a strong, tangible “shift” in your body’s energy system simply by listening to a piece of music that really resonated with you, or by having an important conversation with someone you care about during which something important was addressed?

That’s the type of feeling I experienced multiple times while Sandy walked me through the energy tapping exercises remotely via Skype.

In this case I was focusing on a particularly insecurity I had, which I suspected was tied back to a teasing incident in elementary school.

While I didn’t know for sure if this incident was affecting me seriously or not, Sandy and I talked it out in great detail as I tapped my forehead, then the spots to the left and right of my eyebrows, above my lips, and under them.

I also tapped my upper chest area, and tapped three fingers on the side of my right palm before finishing up with tapping exercises on the top of my head.

After walking me through the incident to the point where I really began to feel as if I were there again, we moved on to a different series of taps on the same points, eventually getting to the point where I was asked to release the emotions involved. I accepted, took a couple deep breaths and released. It felt fantastic.

When I started the session, the teasing incident elicited feelings that were somewhat strong, but by the end of it, I was literally laughing out loud when asked to recall it by Sandy. They no longer fazed me, and this particular insecurity has mostly gone away ever since then, in terms of the physical manifestation of the memory I had been feeling.

At the end of the session, Sandy told me to write down a list of other memories I may have repressed, ones that may be affecting me personally and causing me to feel even a little bit of fear and anxiety in certain situations.

I made my own list and began applying the same tapping techniques and affirmations to these situations, and it definitely has helped me, although I still have a lot of work to do.


How to Do a 1-on-1 Energy Tapping Session

Even though I had done energy tapping exercises before on my own, having a professional, especially a caring and prepared one like Sandy, walking me through it made a big difference.

Sandy Ross focuses specifically on women’s and body image issues, and she currently works remotely with clients all over the world as a holistic counselor, journalist, energy-centered teach and more, from her home in Brisbane, Australia.

“I hope to inspire women to feel kinder to themselves and their amazing bodies so they can co-create the life they’ve always dreamed of,” Sandy says on her website.

If you have any past memories, anxiety or body-related issues you’d like to address through energy tapping, you can learn more by clicking here.

You can also check out Sandy’s Facebook page, Body Bliss Central, and learn more about how EFT Tapping got started in our interview with Dr. Fred Gallo, one of the founding fathers of this burgeoning holistic health movement.

Note: This article is based off of a free session administered online. 



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