Is Blue Corn Free from GMO Cross Contamination?


With more and more people seeking to avoid the health risks of consuming genetically modified foods (GMOs) doctors’ recommendations and bans in several countries, the search for foods free of cross contamination has continued to evolve.

The vast majority of America’s corn supply is GMO, and corn is a ubiquitous food ingredient present in many packaged foods, as well as one that holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. Chips and salsa are popular at parties, but most corn chip varieties are GMO contaminated, and even those derived from regular corn can end up the same way because of cross pollination from the huge percentage of GMO corn in U.S. fields.

To avoid GMO corn in a country where the ingredients are unfortunately not labeled due to government collusion with Big Agribusiness, many natural food movement supporters have begun exclusively buying products with blue corn should they choose to eat corn at all, but many people still are unsure as to whether or not blue corn is GMO free. It is a question that has been widely asked and pondered across various health pages, and it appears as if we have an answer.

Blue Corn and Avoiding GMO Contamination


The Institute for Responsible Technology, which calls itself “The Most Comprehensive Source of GMO Health Risk Information on the Web,” says that blue corn currently doesn’t cross with the current varieties of GM corn that are being grown.

However, with the possibility of more hitting the market soon due to government collusion, the situation could be worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Another take on blue corn cross contamination came from Jim Gerritsen, president of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Organizations, in a recent interview.

“If you were growing blue corn on your farm and your neighbors have Roundup Ready yellow corn and pollen contaminated your corn, you could pick out the kernels,” he said. “If it wasn’t blue corn, it would be a pretty good guess that it’s GE (genetically engineered) corn.”

He added that he’s not aware of a Monsanto blue corn variety that is GMO, although it wouldn’t surprise him if they had one in development because of how greedy they are and because of how many other varieties of crops they have awaiting deregulation, he added.

Ultimately, Gerritsen noted, the most important way to ensure a GMO-free supply of food is to know your farmer and to buy from small organic farms that test for cross contamination as much as possible.

A post from GMO-Free Tucson also noted that blue corn is not GMO although most yellow corn and some types of white corn may well be.

But it seems as though eating blue corn is a reasonable way to avoid GMO cross contamination for the time being.


The Bottom Line on GMOs and Blue Corn

Blue corn is worth seeking out if you’d like an easy alternative to the GMO yellow corn product varieties that are so ubiquitous on store shelves these days.

At the same time, however, more oversight is needed and more needs to be done to mitigate the spread of GMOs before your choices are taken away.

As always, buying organic and Non-GMO Project Verified are the best ways to make sure any product is (virtually) free from GMOs.

Consumers buying blue corn products such as chips should also be vigilant where labels are concerned, because some companies owned by bigger brands have been known to use organic corn while also sneaking GMO canola oil or other products that are likely to contain GMOs onto their ingredient lists. This is a frustrating phenomenon for consumers seeking to avoid GMOs at a time when they are still not labeled in the United States, but it again underscores the importance of education and starting a movement for freedom from GMOs.


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