Dump Your Coffee Addiction Naturally — What to Do And What to Replace it With


Coffee could be GMO very soon after a new discovery.

The coffee bean trick is just one way to wean yourself off of the caffeinated stuff  for more balance and less dependency. But what should you replace it with?


It seems as if many people pursuing a healthier lifestyle are confused about what to do with coffee. While most people in the holistic health movement stay away from it because of the side effects and its habit-forming nature, others tend to stick with it because of various studies that have shown its benefits.

Coffee can give you a boost of energy, obviously, has many antioxidants and even can help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia according to recent studies.

But the negative side effects of coffee should also be taken into consideration, especially over the long-term. The habit-forming part is not as much of a challenge for the disciplined consumer, but coffee’s tendency to dehydrate the body, to drain the adrenal glands over time, stain teeth, and even contribute to constipation because of the former side effect are difficult for many to overcome.

If you do plan on drinking coffee, make sure it’s organic, because its production often includes heavy use of pesticides. You should also be aware that coffee can dehydrate you, so drink water with it if you can or mix some extra water into your coffee.

As a newspaper writer who once worked a 6 a.m. shift in downtown Detroit on Fridays directly after working late nights at a smaller newspaper on Thursdays, I used to rely on coffee quite a bit. But lately I’ve managed to take control of my cravings and end my need for caffeine through a shift in my eating and drinking habits.

My adrenal glands still haven’t recovered yet, however, according to a recent test that placed my adrenal reserves near the bottom of the barrel. I’m currently in the process of building them back up, but it’s best not to dig that hole for yourself in the first place.

Here are some unique natural ways to wean yourself off of coffee.


The coffee bean trick for weaning yourself off of coffee naturally

According to holistic health coach Paul Chek, carrying around actual coffee beans in your pocket and chewing on them when you have a craving is a smart way to wean yourself off of coffee naturally. He recommends chewing on three of them at a time when a serious craving hits. The bitter taste may be unwelcome, but you’ll get a little caffeine from the juice. Over time, your mind will associate it with an unpleasant sensation and it will be easier to stop craving it.

I personally haven’t tried this one yet but Chek is one of the best no-nonsense natural health coaches out there so it’s definitely worth a try.

Yerba mate, maca and other substitutes

Since it can be difficult for some people to quit caffeine-based beverages cold turkey, alternatives such as yerba mate and even green tea can be used.

Both should be purchased organically, especially the green tea which is mass produced and heavily processed. The green tea contains a considerably smaller amount of caffeine than your typical coffee and is less habit forming.

Consuming Maca root powder in a smoothie in the morning is also an excellent way to wean yourself off of coffee naturally. I take some with a half a banana (eating the other half so it absorbs more slowly in my bloodstream, as it is high in sugar) and also add in some organic cacao and various other superfoods such as chia and/or hemp seeds.

Maca is a hormone balancer and a much more gentle stimulant in comparison to coffee that will help you focus and gain mental clarity.


Finally, consuming yerba mate tea is an excellent way to wean yourself off of coffee. It too supports mental clarity and has a nice kick to it that will awaken your senses. It has traditionally been used in Brazil and Paraguay as an energizer with a substance in it similar to caffeine that is also non-habit forming. That substance is unofficially called mateine, and it will give you much more of a controlled burst of energy throughout the day as opposed to coffee which has its signature crash.

A cup of loose leaf yerba mate with a special straw; sipped during the day this type of tea can give you long-lasting energy that is more consistent than caffeine. PHOTO: juanpol/Flickr free photo

A cup of loose leaf yerba mate with a special straw; sipped during the day this type of tea can give you long-lasting energy that is more consistent than caffeine. PHOTO: juanpol/Flickr

Mate is especially potent when steeped for long periods of time as a loose leaf variety, which is sipped out of “gourds” using special straws and used in place of tea during the daytime in South America and even in Syria where it is a national treasure, as well as other Middle Eastern countries who can’t get enough of the South American favorite.

I particularly like the loose leaf style of yerba mate, which you can try by clicking here.

The yerba mate tea is also a potent detoxifier and immune system supporter, meaning that you’ll get plenty of benefits from it beyond just an extra boost of energy. It also is a great stress reliever that is excellent for relaxing and drinking with friends.

With so many ways to energize your mind and body naturally, it simply isn’t worth it to me personally to consume coffee except on unique or special occasions.

Everyone has their own personal preferences and it affects everyone differently, but I prefer the more sustained energy I get from things like loose leaf yerba mate and other natural drinks.



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