Is it Possible to Reverse Astigmatism Naturally? I’m About to Find Out

Yesterday, author, ayurvedic health practitioner and natural vision researcher Robert Lewanski was nice enough to join me for an interview about  improving vision naturally, and I must say he has inspired me to give natural vision correction an honest try.

He  assured me that it is possible to see serious improvement with only 15-30 minutes of eye training a day, and that’s something I can handle. I had previously wondered about whether I’d have to simply ditch my contacts and glasses cold turkey and stumble around through life like a blind cave bat.

Lewanski co-wrote the comprehensive natural eyesight improvement book “Perfect Eyesight” which is sold on Amazon as a hard copy and was recently added to the Amazon Kindle platform as well.

From a review on ” It is not “pie-in-the sky hype” but real down to earth vision improvement training techniques gleaned from cultural traditions worldwide — India, Germany, Egypt, Japan, China, Asia, Europe, Tibet, etc. Lewanski and Zuraw give the reader some of the best eye training tips from wholistic M.D.’s, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, from the 1800s to the 21st century.”

I haven’t read the book yet, although I plan to soon, but I’ve already begun to implement some of the techniques Lewanski recommended and excited to see what type of progress I can make with my own vision.

I didn’t check the temperature on my phone yesterday, but it felt like it was about 5 degrees yesterday in southeastern Michigan when I decided to go for a night time walk without my usual contact lenses in. I walked about 200 feet before I felt like I needed to stop because of the blistering cold, but decided to stick with it. A bit later, I parked myself in front of a street sign, about 10 feet away, and began to read the letters and numbers on it as best I could.

Other techniques I tried out included gazing off in the distance as far as I could with my barely functioning, astigmatism-ravaged eyes, tracing the outlines of the buildings’ architecture in front of me. When a car drove by, I zoned in on a tail light or a tire and followed it all the way down the street. The drivers must have been highly confused at the man standing there staring at them in the frigid night’s sky, but I persevered for a good 15 minutes of this type of training.

Finally, I came home and spent a good 30-45 minutes of palming, another natural technique said to be good for vision problems and one that seems like it could be especially good for astigmatism. Astigmatism is caused in large part due to weak eye muscles and a lack of focus, and palming helps your eyes to relax so much that focus becomes much easier.

To try palming, check out this description of the Bates Method, one that Lewanski mentioned specifically in our interview. It consists of covering your eyes with your palms so that your eyes are staring directly into pitch black and can therefore relax, since they won’t have to strain to see anything.

After this session during which I listened to some ambient music from Pandora, I came out feeling a bit more relaxed, and dare I say my eyesight seemed a bit better even without the contact lenses in. This is very encouraging because I always felt as if a persistent strain and lack of overall relaxation and comfort in a resting state was a major contributor to my poor eyesight.

These are just some of the techniques that Lewanski recommended, along with nutritional fixes such as adding the right nutrients from specific organic fruits and vegetables and detoxing the liver. Luckily, I’m already in the process of detoxing my liver because of a recent CEDSA (stress) test that revealed hidden issues.

The combination of supplementation, liver detox, and consistent exercises like the ones above, along with an ongoing reduction of glasses strength, is the best formula for natural vision improvement according to Lewanski.

Will it work for me? I’m starting to think that it can, if I stick with it and figure out my glasses-related situation. Lewanski has seen it happen, and continues to work with people who making incredible transformations, including that of his book’s co-author, Robert A. Zuraw. Zuraw suffered a horrific Agent Orange-related accident in the Vietnam War that left him virtually unable to see, but was able to improve his vision to a functional point naturally. We’ll have more about Zuraw’s story in the upcoming interview.

Look for it in the next week or so from and in the meantime, check out Lewanski’s book as I will be doing in the next few days.

My attempt to reverse my astigmatism naturally won’t be easy, but the hope is that by continuing to gain knowledge and confidence going forward, I will inspire myself enough to improve it as much as possible. We all know that health miracles happen all the time, with the right planning and the right faith, of course.

This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any diseases. You should always contact a licensed health professional before instituting any major diet or lifestyle changes. 





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