Talk Show Host Bill Maher Asks: “ISIS or Monsanto – Which is More Likely to Kill You?” (with Video)

Even as the “threat du jour” in the Middle East or some other faraway land gets all the headlines on mainstream television news and in the papers, the “threat at home” from Monsanto and other health-destroying companies is routinely ignored.

The terror group ISIS has been all over the news as of late, but the news has been mostly silent about developments such as the highly controversial approval of new genetically modified “Agent Orange” (2-4-D) corn and soybeans, one of the biggest new threats to the health and well being of Americans.

Recently, comedian and talk show host Bill Maher took aim at this discrepancy, calling out Americans for being so concerned about something so far away from their own country while virtually ignoring what’s happening with the dangers posed by Monsanto and other chemical companies like Dow and Sygenta in their own backyard. “…ISIS is simultaneously cool sound and stands for pure evil, like Monsanto,” Maher says as the crowd roars with approval.

Maher touches on a particularly dangerous chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s ubiquitous weedkiller Roundup called polyethoxylated tallow amine which is “far more toxic than anyone realized…”

Check out how he compares it to what’s happening with the threat posed by ISIS, by tuning in to the video below (scroll to the 3:38 mark to watch it, be warned the beginning has some colorful language):   



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