Quite the Experience: Egyptian Eye Exercises for Natural Vision Health

As those of you who read a few of my earlier posts know, I’ve recently begun doing natural vision training since interviewing author Robert Lewanski about his exciting book Perfect Eyesight: The Art of Improving Vision Naturally.

In addition to the copy of the book that I obtained, I also received a ton of eye exercises from a reader named Catherine on the AltHealthWORKS Facebook page including some Egyptian Eye Exercises that are said to be quite useful for achieving natural vision health.

Today I tried some of them for the first time, and I must say, it was quite the experience. After just a few minutes of exercises, my eye muscles felt the same way that my other muscles typically do after a long workout. The effect was that immediate as I struggled to keep the black button-sized dot I had drawn on a folded-up piece of paper in my focus.

My eyes in particular have a very hard time focusing, hence my astigmatism diagnosis and use of glasses and contacts since about 1997.

But after my first session of Egyptian eye exercises and also taking into account my ongoing liver support program which utilizes a wide variety of supplements including Envirozon, which can be found here, dandelion green juices and much more, I honestly believe that a real change can be made.

Palming in the darkness, in other words holding my hands pressed up against my open eyes so that all I see is darkness, leading to relaxation, has also helped a great deal.

The Egyptian eye exercises are fairly easy to do, and don’t take nearly as long as you might think. The first one involves doing “figure eights” using your nose as the guide, in an effort to loosen up your neck so that you’ll be more relaxed when performing the other exercises.

Next up, you will draw a button-sized black dot on an index card if available and hold it close to your nose. From there, you stare at the dot for about 30 seconds, making sure to only stare when it is one solid dot and not if it splits into two; you should move it back as needed if it splits.

You can also place the card at eyebrow level and hold near your face yet again (after resting from the first exercise), staring at the dot for 30 seconds. Finally, place the card on your right and then left shoulder for 30 seconds each and use your peripheral vision.

Putting your eyes in positions like these re-strengthen the eye muscles and eventually make it possible for them to focus. After only 10 minutes or so total of these, I practically felt like I needed to lie down. They were that devastatingly effective.

I’ve got a lot of work to do, but fixing my vision naturally with the Egyptian eye exercises and other methods now seems wholly possible, and for that I’m thankful and excited. More to come, including my interview with Lewanski, in the coming days.





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