Nine-Year-Old Activist of ‘March Against Monsanto’ Fame: “Don’t Eat Another Halloween Candy Before You Watch This!”


Nine-year-old Daniel Bissonnette gained widespread attention for an epic speech at the March Against Monsanto event in Vancouver, and now he’s taking on the Halloween candy industry.

As Bissonnette, a leader among young food activists and health conscious kids, points out in the video below, Americans consume about $2 billion worth of Halloween candy each year, equating to 600 million tons.

Unfortunately for the health of our kids (and adults, and the planet, of course), the vast majority of these candies are made from genetically modified ingredients, especially GMO corn.

High fructose corn syrup is particularly harmful, as studies suggest it may actually be on par with cocaine in terms of addictiveness according to this study; it’s also been linked increased risks of diabetes and heart disease among other serious health problems.


Is it the Candy, or What the Candy is Made Of That’s Scary?

Halloween is obviously here to stay and we’re all fond of the occasional chocolates and other candies, but what about the ingredients and additives big food companies use?

Many of them are unnecessary ways to cut costs, and end up making these candies far unhealthier than necessary.

In the video below, Daniel takes on the Halloween candy industry while offering his own personal tips for how we can use purchasing power to make the ingredients in our Halloween candy a little less “scary.”


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