She’s Spent Her Days Farming (and Fighting Monsanto): Say Hello to America’s “Organic” Congresswoman


Monsanto is one of the most notoriously aggressive corporations in the United States when it comes to lobbying, enjoying strong support from certain Congresspeople despite widespread public opposition to the genetically modified seed giant.

Many people in the ongoing GMO Free and organic food movements have lost confidence in their elected leaders, and with so much corruption and blind favoritism in Washington, D.C. (see this article for a sampling of the many government ties), it’s easy to understand why.

The Biotech industry has a lot of pull where it matters most, but there’s at least one Congressperson who knows the value of real, GMO Free food (and isn’t afraid to stand up for our right to it, either).

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Meet Chellie Pingree: A True Blue “Organic Congresswoman”

Re-elected in November 2014 to the U.S. House after she ran unopposed, Chellie Pingree, age 59 won her fourth term to Congress by a comfortable margin in Maine’s 1st Congressional District.

Pingree has long acted on behalf of her constituents when it comes to making a stand for real food: she’s spoken out against bovine growth hormones from Monsanto as well as GMOs, as she notes in the video below.

She currently works not only as a Congresswoman but also as an organic farmer at Turner Farm on North Haven Island off the Coast of Maine in Penobscot Bay, where she produces a wide variety organic produce, milk and meat for her nearby restaurant.

With over 40 years of agricultural policy experience, Pingree is also uniquely qualified to speak out on important issues facing farmers: She joined Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon and over 50 members of Congress altogether to sound the alarm over the widely-panned EPA approval of ‘Agent Orange’ crops before it happened.

The stance taken by Pingree as well as those who joined her on the Agent Orange issue underscores the need to elect more representatives who can help carry out the will of the people.

You can learn more about Pingree (including what she grows on her own organic farm) in the video below; be sure to keep her story in mind as an example of the type of people we need in Congress! 




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