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As everyone knows, the current dominant system of vision correction relies mostly on prescribing glasses and contact lenses of greater and greater strength throughout a person’s life as their innate vision continues to worsen into the older years. But as author Robert Lewanski told us in this interview with AltHealthWORKS.com, there are other ways to achieve functional and even exceptional natural vision at just about any stage, thanks to the techniques recommended in the book Perfect Eyesight: The Art of Improving Vision Naturally

The approach recommended by Lewanski and co-author Robert Zuraw, who has his own unbelievable story to share about natural eyesight improvement, is covered in the book, and explained in the interview below.

So, just how does a person improve their eyesight naturally without the use of surgery or visual aids, and what are the limits? We discussed these and other topics in the following interview with Lewanski:

AHW: Thank you so much for joining us Robert. Please tell us a little bit about how you became interested in health, and natural vision health in general.

RL: Sure, so I started studying when I was actually a young kid at 9, 10,11 years old, and I always asked my mother about whole wheat bread in the 60s and 70s, and yogurt, and I knew something was wrong with the white bread and flour, et  cetera, all this stuff we ate; I was always interested in why people were always becoming sick. It started early, and then it grew when I read the book ‘Health for the Millions’ and became interested in nutrition. I began learning about more advanced things like macrobioitics, raw food, and more, and started to incorporate all of those teachings. I began learning about nutritional body typing and Ayurvedic medicine from India taking into account the three main body types, eye types, and body types.

As far as diseases of the eye go, the Chinese five elements medicine I do now…It was a long spiritual evolution. Everything I’ve learned I’ve brought into what I do now (at the Health Force Center facility in Michigan). I’m a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, I’ve done homeopathic work, Chi Gong energy work, Tai Chi, etc., that gets into the spiritual and energy fields of body; it’s very powerful stuff. I’ve also studied exercise and personal training, food and diet, body type, etc. Once you into knowing your body type you can know what foods to eat improve your health much better.

AHW: And what about the natural vision-restoring techniques in the book, how did you learn those?

RL: Robert Zuraw, the co-author of ‘Perfect Eyesight, he’s the one founded a lot of techniques in the book, he created them.

He became legally blind in the 60s after Vietnam due to Agent Orange (Devastating chemical created by the current GMO seed and agrochemical giant Monsanto which was dropped during the war) poisoning. He was actually termed legally blind without glasses but he managed to improve his vision to 20/20 after it had actually been 20/600; he couldn’t even see a speed limit sign six inches away when he was standing right next to it. He slowly got better, made it to 30/10 vision (three times better than 20/20)….improved way beyond what’s considered good vision, after being legally blind.

A brief history (of my own research), I learned aboutnatural hygiene from Dr. Shelton of Texas; learned about fasting and people healing major diseases doing nothing but water and fasting. Holistic health is based on whole body principles including fitness, sunshine and Vitamin D; the eyes, they’re all connected to the entire health of the body.

I got into exercise for a while, first fitness and then body building. I was never really big but I got fit, and now I use the trampoline a little, do a little bit of weights twice a week; I was always interested in fitness, that was really my big passion.

I had a lot of family issues that made me interested in health, my cousin died at age 46 and my mother and aunt died at 62; my dad at 64. My dad had diabetes, and they all had terrible diets, eating heavy-acid foods with all the meat, protein, sugar and empty carbs, white flour. Sometimes you can’t tell anybody anything (to get them to change), even the family.

I went the other way, I thought to myself, “There’s got to be something else to life on this earth than being sick all the time, there’s got to be another way,” and I found there are thousands of books and sites like yours on this subject to help us understand that important information.

I was born in 1956, and I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life. My mother is still going strong though…I have a strong constitution I think I inherited from her. I also have an organic garden that I give food to her from in the summertime.

My teachings are built around the Chinese and Ayurvedic methods, mixing fasting with food combining and a lot of raw foods; I teach a combination of techniques, usually specific things for each body type because the same foods affect different body types in different ways. We also focus a lot on body temperature; you need different foods for different weather conditions. In the winter I eat a lot of steamed vegetables, in the summer, I go more raw.



AHW: So tell us about the book ‘Perfect Eyesight’ and how you partnered up with Robert Zuraw.

RL: Well, he wasn’t a writer but he had a lot of good ideas, I did all the writing and made it (visually-focused) so the reader can understand all of the graphics, pictures, eye charts, et cetera. I believe it’s one of the best books on vision in the world right now, not only in terms of exercises but also eye habits. You can do some of these in your daily business whether you’re in the car or standing at the bank. You can do these exercises and no one will even know you’re doing them, that’s how powerful these techniques are.

The first book was 128 pages and the latest version is now 200 pages, including all of the latest technology for helping vision whether it’s cataracts, glaucoma, etc.; including all the best supplements including anasthaxin which is excellent for helping vision; lutein which we recommend taking 20 milligrams of per day, and also information about how to get more color in the eye; you need color from foods. Without a diverse group of food colors you’ll get that brown color, foods like meat, white flour, pasteurized milk and others weaken the eyesight. You get a crystalline lensthrough too much sugar, you can get cataracts and your eyes get blurry.

Getting more foods such as your reds and greens, peppers, raspberries, blueberries and more will help your liver and your eyes, all that stuff helps your body see better through the eyes.

The eyes see through the brain cortex…You look into the world through it so you need to feed your brain properly, and make sure you support your organs, especially the liver. In Chinese medicine, the liver controls the eyes, and when that’s not working, well, your eyes start failing.

When people go on liver detoxes, their eyesight can improve as much as 50 percent in a week or two, right away, that’s very important. Bilberry is another great herb for the eyes, that’s another one.

It’s just like how cancer is caused by nutritional deficiencies and eventually you have glucogenesis, cells feed on sugar acidity, and you’ve got big problems. Most diseases are caused by having an acidic pH.

AHW: Of course the World War II pilots were given bilberry to help their vision, right?

RL: Yes that’s true, pilots in World War II in England went on night vision bombings and some of the pilots couldn’t see too well so they started giving them bilberry or blueberry. Both things help to improve vision so they were able to see their targets; that’s powerful stuff; you can’t do that with Lipitor. Lipitor paralyzes the liver and makes it so that it stops making cholesterol, we don’t need that, we need to stop with all the drugs that prevent the liver from working; let it do its job and not overburden it with too much fat. It’s all about eating more organic fruits and vegetables, walking and using breathing techniques, but we eat too many animal products (creating an acidic environment).

It’s okay to have a little but you need good grass-fed food products from animals like goats, if not get your pea protein, beans, lentils, fermented (organic and non-GMO, he added) tempeh. Stay away from non-organic soy products, GMOs hurt the liver and subsequently your eyesight real quick.

AHW: How much of a commitment do you have to make to the program in the Perfect Eyesight book to correct your vision naturally?

RL: Well you can just take the supplements but if you don’t do the rest of the program you’ll only get partial results. There’s never any drug deficiency in the body of course, those only stop the symptoms but are bad for you in the long run. Western doctors are the best in the world for emergency care and trauma but as for health and prevention, they don’t help much.

Of course, putting on eyeglasses does not correct your vision, it will make you see better but it also makes your eye muscles very weak. The eyeball will get longer or flatten out. We can’t do it that way anymore, glasses make it weaker so that we can’t function on our own.

A lot of our vision problems are caused by too much close work where the eyeball is stuck in one position, fixed in on position for long periods of time.

When we get a chance, we need to take a break and look at objects about 20 feet away or even out the window. Look up for 10-20 seconds then look at a distant object, just to make the eye muscles work back and forth so that they’re not stuck in one position.

Human beings are far-looking animals by nature, but we get weak vision when we’re stuck in cubicles, and we have also breathe bad air and have other issues that affect our liver. We’re not made for this, we’re oxygen deprived in our brain and we need to get out and get more exercise, breathe deeply for several minutes a day to get oxygen into our brain.
AHW: What’s a good technique to get more oxygen into our brains?

RL: Well you can take a deep breath then bend over and hold it while you’re touching your toes; the oxygen goes to the brain and your head will get red and become flush with oxygen. Breathing in general is so important, and just relaxing and taking deep breaths. It’s a basic fundamental thing but no one knows how to breathe anymore.

Elimination is also very important; there’s a saying in the Ayurvedic field that no there are no diseases without gastrointestinal derangement first. When the colon is working properly it helps the liver, bile et cetera.

AHW: Tell us a little more about Mr. Zuraw and how he was able to achieve such good vision after his horrific accident.

RL: Robert went to the eye doctor first thing after getting out of Vietnam…He spent two years in Saigon and was sprayed with Agent Orange and became very sick. But after a 40-day cleansing diet of oxygen treatments, fruits and vegetables and using techniques from a Dr. Bates’ eye system, one of the first eye treatment methods, he was able to improve his vision, he also saw a doctor from Detroit and Ann Arbor (Michigan). You never really get rid of the Agent Orange, it has a long half-life and it never really leaves the body, but he was able to improve his vision dramatically.

One doctor from Ann Arbor said when you eat a meal, make sure you go out for a slow walk afterward and look in the distance so that while you’re digesting food you don’t poison your eyes.

Also, don’t do any reading or close up work excessively after eating or you may send undigested food particles to your eyes; that’s why I always take a walk for 15-30 minutes after a meal.

Here’s another tip…Look up and find a bird, and then follow it with your eyes. That works the accommodating muscles and helps to calm your eyes. You can also go to a ball game and follow the ball with your eyes; the exercises can part of a fun watching game that accommodates your eye muscles.

Another one is to simply look up while you’re at your desk, looking up makes the eyeball flexible; or look 10-20 seconds far away in the distance or focus on an object 30-40 feet away when walking down the hall, or as far as you can look. Make sure you focus completely on that one object in the distance.

AHW: How do you see the state of vision in America and in what direction is it heading?

RL: Well, Bob taught me a lot about that; it’s getting worse. In Kindergarten, about 10 percent of the  kids have glasses or need contacts or some other vision correction, in grade school it goes up to 30-40 percent, in high school as much as 70 percent, and in college it seems like just about everybody has glasses or contacts with all that intense close work, homework and exams.



Very few escape that, with all that cell phone use, texting and close work. No one is looking to the distance, to the heavens where that chi energy, that spiritual energy comes from. We’re in houses looking at things that are close to our eyes and not out in nature anymore.

Farmers had far better eyesight back in their days, agricultural people always look off in the distance; they had way less eye problems.

AHW: So how big of a role does nutrition play in the grand scheme of things compared with eye habits?

RL: Nutrition is about 50 percent of the whole thing as well. As we talked about earlier, when the liver gets backed up it weakens the vision, not to mention a toxic liver can lead to cancer very easily. In every single case of cancer you see a deranged, backed up liver.

The liver detoxifies the whole system, and when the body’s running smoothly and the elimination channels are open, your vision is going to be much more clear.

Very simply put, doctors complicate things by putting on glasses. Then there’s LASIK, which may feel great but in a few years it often reverts back to where it was before, so it doesn’t get at the root cause.

So if you practice and prevent your eye problems, you will be able to avoid glasses, surgery, and other things over the long term rather than just (addressing) the symptoms.

To prevent eye problems and other health issues, I like to detox four times a year, to get some of those toxins out that we’re bombarded with nowadays.

But on top of that, people are lacking in nutrients. Anasthaxin, artichokes, carrots and many more vegetables and fruits can help nourish the eyes and liver and constantly help detox them. Dandelion greens are another big-time liver detoxifier, as is the Eye Bright herb blend which is a very specific thing. Yucca root is another good one, the liquid extract, rose hips, milk thistle, and the last two are very important: Chinese herbs including Chrysanthemum and Blupleurum, these help relax the liver and are great for detoxing. Grapeseed extract is another good one, as is turmeric.

Nowadays with our toxic environment and pollution we’re getting pesticides, EMFs, poisons in our water, even chemtrails which contain barium, you need to continually detox by eating more organic produce.

You can put all of your herbs into one combination or make a tea and that will help vision big-time. Massage helps too, you can actually massage your liver in the area right under the ribcage, that helps.

AHW: How much can someone improve their eyesight just by optimizing their liver function?

RL: Probably about 70 to 80 percent actually…You’ve got to keep everything moving out of your system because every day we’re just bombarded. The liver keeps all those toxins moving and can really improve your vision when it’s working properly.

You can’t do just one thing alone though, for example even if you stop doing much close work it won’t improve as much as you want, it’s really a holistic program (which is described in the book), like a three-legged stool.

I also don’t recommend drinking too much water because you can water-log your whole system, leaving you feeling very bloated. Water is not inert, you can get water on your eyes, in your brain, et cetera. Everyone says you absolutely have to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and that’s false. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables you’ll get plenty; I had a test done and I know for a fact that I drank too much water. It makes it so that you can’t sleep at night and your liver and kidney become over-activated and it can also lead to prostate problems in men. The best approach is not to over-drink; to drink when you’re thirsty.

AHW: How much of a time commitment is needed, and how difficult is it to perform the exercises in the ‘Perfect Eyesight’ book?

RL: It’s not that difficult, the exercises in the book that is. It’s not rocket science.

I almost died twice in my life, I was so weak that I couldn’t get out of bed. I didn’t want to get up so my weak eyes just shut down, but then I met Bobby (Robert Zuraw). The angel of death was coming to get me but I got out of that and recovered again.

I had chronic fatigue and was a diabetic, my symptoms made me so weak that I had no strength in my arms, spleen and pancreas. In the 80s and 90s I ate too much salt and too many chips, potatoes are of course a high-glycemic index food, and I wasn’t getting enough friendly bacteria going.

Even the juices from the health food store I was drinking, they were all sugar.

I began to detox in the late 90s a couple of times, got deeper into Chinese medicine and started figuring out what I really needed.

As for the eyesight, palming is another good technique, what you do is cup your hands and put them over each eye. You want to see only black…From there, you meditate, and that helps to calm down you mind, relax and heal your vision.

The hands have lots of chi energy and that’s why all healers use them, a lot of energy comes out of the hands.

As Dr. William H. Bates relates in his book, there was a story of an older guy with deteriorating vision who was told to start palming, he said, “What have I got to lose, I’m already going blind.”

He began palming for 24 hours straight leaning against a desk, and forced himself to relax, he was like 70-80 and was going blind but after doing palming he was able to get a lot of his vision back. That’s how powerful this technique is. Everyone should focus on good meditation techniques.

AHW: Overall, how difficult and time consuming is it to implement the changes and exercises in the book?

RL: I’ve found that when people work with the program and follow it, they get results, it’s not extremely difficult, it’s easy to teach and it can be fun, they start seeing results and they feel good all the time so there’s no problems.

AHW: And what about people who are already wearing contacts or glasses and have busy lives to deal with, what should they do with their visual aids?

RL: Just get rid of the contacts and use the glasses…Bob got rid of his glasses, he wanted to cut them down so he went to the eye doctor and got his lenses ground down each time he started strengthening his vision. He ground them down little by little over the month as his vision and his liver got stronger until they were ground down so much there was almost nothing in there.

Nutrition was a big part of it for Bob…And let me tell you, nowadays, aspartame and sucralose are the absolute worst, they destroy vision along with margarine, trans fats and white flour, those also hurt it. Sugar puts a pure crystalline lens right on the eyes.

Another big thing is getting circulation to the vision system, the eyes are so high up in the head that no circulation comes up there easily. Walking as a simple exercise is important, and you can also bend over and touch your toes and breathe in, holding that pose to get more blood to the eyes.

A lot of people may think it’s not possible to improve their vision so much but a lot of them just dabble, and don’t get results so they say it doesn’t work. They have to remember that this is about the body, mind and spirit; it’s important to do the whole program.

AHW: So the program works if followed correctly, right?

RL: Yes, I’ve seen people with 20/100 or 20/200 vision recover in several months after they do the program. If they don’t do anything, it just gets worse.

I’ve got a couple testimonials, one lady came in for her first visit at the HealthForce Center (in southeast Michigan where vision and other health training is done), after an hour and a half on the program she was screaming about how great it was. She had a driver’s license test, it took her several months to a year to get it back but she was able to see the charts without glasses and get her permanent license back. It just takes practice and nutrition. You can’t keep eating junk food and expect to get good eyesight back.

AHW: We’re curious, what about astigmatism? Is the treatment any different for that?

RL: Astigmatism usually results from putting in too much close work and having too many sugars, things like that. There are some distance seeing exercises in the book that can give big results. One is where you draw a tiny little dot and trace it with your eyes, that makes you focus on a point and helps straighten your vision out. Another one is tracing or tracking where you look at a building at a distance and trace it with your eyes, or you can do it with a tree or a car; or track a bird flying through the sky, all of these will help your vision and help both of your eyes to focus and work together which is a part problem in people who have astigmatism.

AHW: How much time needs to be devoted each day to start seeing results?

RL: Well, you can do it as you go along. You can do an eye routine in just 15-20 minutes a week, three times a week and then take a rest. The biggest key is strengthening the eye muscles that have become so weak over time.

Eyesight was a big problem for Bob Zuraw of course, but he was able to improve it tremendously.

AHW: What are some of the foods that build up the eyes?

 RL: Blueberries, carrots, colorful foods, red peppers, raspberries are big-time, green vegetables and wheat grass, ones with a deep green color.

Bioflavaoids are also very good for the eyes…But let me tell you, nothing hurts vision more than absorbic acid, you have to get your Vitamin C from a whole foods supplement or from food. Asborbic acid is the worst thing for the eyes, it’s usually made from corn syrup and is very toxic to the liver and the eyes.

We also have the pinhole glasses which are very powerful, they help to focus the pupil on a point and help save your eyes from getting any worse; helps them to relax and take the strain off. It’s all in the book, which is on Amazon now and the Kindle too.

AHW: Tell us about the Health Force Center, what’s the website?                                                                                pinhole

RL: Well that’s www.healthforcecenter.com, it’s like a study house, we have a lot of pot luck dinners, show a lot of documentary movies, people come over for nutritional counseling and much more.

AHW: Thanks very much for speaking with us Robert and best of luck in your health practice.

RL: Thanks for having me.




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