Moms Crash Monsanto Shareholder Meeting: “I’m Imploring You to Choose a New Direction…Stop Poisoning Our Children”



“I’m imploring you to choose a new direction,” said Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, at Monsanto’s Headquarters on January 30. “Stop poisoning our children.”

Honeycutt spoke at the Monsanto shareholders meeting in St. Louis, as part of a rally at the company’s world headquarters along with the Organic Consumers Association, SumOfUs (an economic advocacy organization for citizens over corporations) and Moms Across America organization supporters from across the country.

Her aim was to educate Monsanto shareholders and executives on the stunning health consequences of the chemical and GMO seed giant’s products, as well as to ask for shareholder support for Item No. 5, Shareowner Proxy Access (described as “an essential mechanism for accountability supported by institutional investors and the SEC” on the Moms Across America website).

Will Monsanto and its shareholders actually listen this time? In the case of one request, the answer is yes, for now, anyway.  

zen monsanto

Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, in front of Monsanto HQ.



Mom Crashes Monsanto Meeting with a Crucial Message

Representing John Harrington of Harrington Investments at the meeting, Honeycutt was introduced by Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant before beginning her speech.

“One out of two children in America today have a chronic illness such as asthma, allergies, autism, autoimmune disease, Crohn’s, diabetes and obesity (1). All of these conditions and more can be directly linked to GMOs and glyphosate–to Monsanto’s products,” Honeycutt said.

She went on to speak about the dangers and overuse of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s flagship Roundup herbicide chemical cocktail.

The following is more from her speech, republished with permission and study citations at the end:

“Glyphosate—a patented antibiotic—has been detected in the air, water, food, Fruit Loops (see , our children’s urine, our breast milk (2), and in feeding tube liquid (3) fed to children with cancer, at levels thousands of times ABOVE what has been shown to destroy GUT BACTERIA — where 70% of the immune system lies (4). 

“The Monsanto shareholders MUST know that, without proper gut bacteria the body cannot make Tryptophan, Melatonin or Serotonin which regulates insulin—leading to numerous illnesses including diabetes, a disease which is on course to bankrupt U.S. Healthcare in 13 years (5).

“When the gut bacteria is destroyed, food particles and pathogens escape through the intestines, causing allergies and auto-immune diseases.  Allergy ER Visits have increased 265% since GMOs and glyphosate were introduced (6). 

“Without healthy gut bacteria and the ability to make serotonin and melatonin, our bodies cannot prevent insomnia, depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder; 57.7 million Americans have mental illness today (7). 

“Glyphosate is a DNA mutagen and cell disintegrator, allowing toxins into the brain (8). 

Glyphosate is a chelator, causing vitamin and mineral deficiency. Without certain minerals our bodies cannot fight cancer (9). 

Glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor, causing infertility, sterility, miscarriages and birth defects (10).”

Honeycutt also stated that she was submitting hundreds of testimonials from mothers describing what Monsanto products are doing to their children and showing how their children get better when they avoid GMOs and eat organic.

She then submitted hundreds of pages of studies and papers today showing how glyphosate impacts the gut-brain connection (11), leading to birth defects (12), liver and kidney disease (13), Parkinson’s (14), Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (15), Alzheimer’s, Celiac’s, Autism (15) and Cancer (16). 

“According to the current rate of diagnosis we can expect, in 20 years, 50% of our children born will get autism (17),” she noted. 

 Zen said that she understands that no one wants to believe this is true, however.

 “Has anyone on the Board read the newest studies and research?” she asked. 

Honeycutt continued:

“What if the very investments Monsanto’s shareholders are making to build a foundation of security for our children and grandchildren are the same investments which are destroying their future? What if instead of creating health and prosperity, they are causing economic ruin?”



Honeycutt’s Speech Continued

What if instead of feeding millions of people with GMOs, Monsanto is in fact hurting generations to come?

We mothers say, STOP IT. STOP IT NOW!

You have an opportunity to make a difference for your families and our country. We ask shareholders to support Shareholder Access Proxy  and vote a pediatrician onto this board.  We ask Monsanto to have the courage to create a new future for Monsanto and America, thank you.”

Honeycutt at a rally for California GMO labeling.

Honeycutt at a rally for California GMO labeling.

Shareholder Proxy Passes

The proxy passed by 53%, although Grant was effusive when asked whether he would actually implement it.

Honeycutt was thankful to Harrington Investments who gave her the opportunity to speak on behalf of mothers every where.

I hope the shareholders where able to understand that I represent, not just angry moms, but moms who are informed citizens. We have the experiences with our children and the science to back us up.” She promises that “Moms will not stop. We will not give up, because the love for our children will never end.”

Moms Across America can be found on Facebook by clicking here. They’re also planning a Moms MeetUp on May 2, 2015 where Moms will meet in their communities and cause a billion dollar shift to organic food. Go to for more information.

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