Herbal Treatment for Female Infertility: Naturopath Achieves 85% Success with Herbs, Acupuncture

National Infertility Week has been observed for more than 20 years, but it’s easy to get the sense that it has become far more serious in the past ten or so as rates of infertility have only continued to climb.

The week ended on April 26, 2014 and was created with the goal of raising awareness and offering information to those who wish to become pregnant. Mainstream fertilization techniques have seen success rates rise from about 14 percent 20 years ago to 50 percent nowadays according to a recent article from ABC News, but one naturopathic healer is claiming that she has achieved far better results at her clinic in New York State.

Maryann McQuillan, a licensed and well trained acupuncturist, said she has been seeing an infertility treatment success rate of about 85% in helping couples to conceive, using a holistic approach that includes acupuncture, addressing underlying emotional causes of stress and other issues, and herbal formulas.

Her success story along with her favorite techniques and supplements were detailed in a podcast with the host Richard Ciccheti, which can be heard here.

Achieving Natural Fertility Treatment Success

Whether due to GMOs in our food supply, genetics, EMFs, or bad health, stress and diets in general, the fertility problem doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon for Americans, but McQuillan’s techniques, and philosophy, are promising.

“I don’t care what came first, the chicken or the egg, we’re here now; and our goal is to stop the dysfunction,” she said in the interview, referring to her philosophy of treating the whole patient as opposed to just the symptoms one-by-one, and getting to the root of their emotions as well.

The whole-body concept was learned through Chinese medicine by McQuillan, who uses acupuncture in her treatments.

McQuillan became very sick after an ectopic, or “tubal” pregnancy, an extremely painful situation in which her fallopian tube burst. Her recovery journey led her to Chinese herbs and healing techniques, but it wasn’t until she started using a different type of herb that she began seeing true relief from her pain and serious endocrine system issues, and abundant wellness.

Using Amazon Herbs to Assist in Natural Fertility

McQuillan actually felt even more sick after a few months on Chinese herbs, which most likely came from dubious sources. A friend recommended that she swap them for herbs from the Amazon Rain Forest while continuing to utilize massage and acupuncture. The results were staggering as she was finally able to restore, nourish and balance her system using blends like Sumacazon (suma and maca root). She went out to dinner with her husband for the first time in weeks and began crying because her pain was finally gone.

She took her success story with Amazon herbs, combined it with her own acupuncture practice, and the rest was history. The success stories have continued to flow from her practice in Gohsen, New York:

“I had a 45-year-old female registered nurse who came into my office looking to become pregnant again after having two boys and was very, very stressed out at this stage of her life because she had a miscarriage and really wanted to conceive again,” McQuillan recalled.

“She had (worrisome) FSH levels, which are hormones (that were too high for her to become) pregnant, but lo and behold the doctor had said she was already in menopause.

”She was on Amazon Herbs and began receiving acupuncture and she came back to a normal, healthy range and now could become pregnant.

“The physician said, ‘Well, maybe the original blood test was wrong;’ he was not willing to acknowledge what she had done to become pregnant. But I see this every day and it’s not just by chance, the results are remarkable.”

Maca root in particular is powerful for balancing hormones as an “adaptogen” that conforms to the needs of your body chemistry. Maca also has a symbiotic relationship with suma root, a sacred herb from the Amazon Rainforest that the natives use “for everything.”

McQuillan’s patients are 95% female, and along with acupuncture and exercise to get the lymphatic system moving and to support hormonal balance, she recommends Sumacazon (click here to learn more) to her patients


The Jatoba tree and plant from the Amazon Rainforest. Picture from tropic-concept.com.

In-vitro fertilization success rates can go up to about 50% when acupuncture is used in tandem according to Maryann, but they are quite expensive. McQuillan has seen much better results with the potent organic herbs from the Amazon Rainforest, the same ones that drug companies use to develop and patent new synthetic drugs to sell back to the public at high prices.

“(Our goal) is to assist patients hormonally and energetically, and Amazon Herbs play a huge role in both of those things,” McQuillan said in her interview.

Click here to learn more or to try the Amazon Herbs mentioned in this article

Thanks for reading! Please share this with a friend who may be having hormonal or reproductive issues. This article is for informational purposes and is not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease. Contact your holistic physician before making any dietary or supplementary changes.


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