Kid Activist Slams Monsanto at South Africa’s National Science Festival (and Takes Home a Prize for Her Efforts)


Scifest Africa is South Africa’s National Science Festival, established in 1996 in order “to promote the public awareness, understanding and appreciation of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation.”

While the Monsanto Company would like to believe that anyone who opposes their genetically modified seeds, chemicals and crops are “impeding science,” the fact remains that the scientific jury is still out on them, especially in light of recent news that the company’s flagship product Roundup is a “probable carcinogen” according to the World Health Organization.

Recently an 11-year-old girl named Ruth Johnson got on stage at Scifest and took aim at the company and its products, in a poetry-slam style presentation.

She admitted it was her first time on stage and seemed a bit nervous, but she overcame her nerves and delivered a speech that had the audience in her back pocket by the end:

When they plant the (genetically modified) crop next to an organic farmer it will cross pollinate and they’ll sue the farmer,” she says.

That’s how they’re so rich…”

Watch the whole speech in the video below, thanks to March Against Monsanto South Africa:



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