GMO Freedom Activists Make Special Delivery at Kellogg’s HQ

The fight for GMO Freedom has been a challenging one at times, but focusing on specific goals has a way of bringing clarity, and results, to the cause. Recently, some activists from the GMO Free USA Facebook group and the general public including founder Diana Reeves descended upon Kellogg’s HQ in Battle Creek, Michigan to make a special delivery to the company’s higher-ups, and to express their desire to see the cereal giant revert to its old standby of making wholesome products without genetically modified organisms (GMO crops).

On Earth Day, April 22, Reeves joined fellow activists with banners and posters, smiling and waving directly across the street and to passing cars and pedestrians while handing out literature on the health risks of GMOs. According to Reeves, employees from Kellogg’s came out for lunch but most didn’t speak with her and her fellow GMO Freedom activists at the rally. One did stop to say, “Good thing I don’t eat cereal,” to which Reeves couldn’t help but laugh.


Demonstrators at an April 21 rally in Grand Rapids MI a day earlier. Photo: Erica Price

Another Michigan activist told us that she brought her daughter, symbolizing the movement for a GMO Free future for our children, and a picture of her holding up a sign just about went viral on many of our great Facebook fan pages dedicated to healthy food and GMO Freedom.

Why Kellogg’s for GMO Freedom Rallies?

Monsanto and other GMO companies have their hand in so many businesses and so many products that it’s hard to pinpoint which ones to focus on, but Kellogg’s seems like a logical choice. And judging by the trouble they’ve had keeping GMO Freedom activists off of their Facebook wall spreading awareness about the dangers of GMOs, it seems to be working. Cheerios, a General Mills company, has been another target and they were even forced to cancel a major Facebook campaign due to GMO Freedom activists’ takeover of their promotion, an artistic endeavor that saw the activists spelling out why they would never consume the GMO-laden products anymore using the company’s own application.

Kellogg’s still promotes a wholesome family image but it doesn’t add up considering their widespread use of GMO corn, soy sugar and other products that are banned, not cultivated or at least labeled in many dozens of other countries.

GMO Freedom Activists Make the Drop at Kellogg’s

According to Reeves, word of her arrival from several states away had apparently spread throughout the company as the receptionist only had to say, “She’s here” to alert the building of what was about to happen. No eye contact was made. The activists had entered the building earlier and were immediately told to put away their cameras.

To Reeves’ surprise a bit later, Scott Lindahl, the Global Chief of Security for Kellogg’s, was there to greet her. It’s quite interesting to note that such a prominent member of such a massive corporation would take the time out to meet with a group of committed activists, but that’s exactly what happened. A petition with nearly 21,000 signatures was delivered to him along with a letter to CEO John Bryant, a copy of the lab results for the genetic test GMO Free USA did on Froot Loops, a copy of the Samsel study about RoundUp toxicity that was just published, info about the famous “GMOs cause cancer in Lab Rats” Seralini study and a disc that contained the signatures and 519 pages of comments left by people who signed it. Lindahl turned and walked away, and Reeves the receptionist for his title. She said she wasn’t allowed to tell her.

Reeves returned home and found it out on LinkedIn, confirming that many of these important decision makers are much more accessible than many of us have been led to believe. And with so much at stake for the health of each other and our planet, we owe it to ourselves to do everything we can to bring the truth, and our concerns, to them. The goal is to create a “Crisis of Conscience” as Martin Luther King, Jr. put it, and that’s exactly what Reeves and these dedicated activists did at Kellogg’s. They may not have gotten through to the more powerful men and women who have untold riches to gain from exploiting people and keeping them in the dark about what they’re really eating, but they can get through to the employees who will then make their own changes and continue to push this movement for GMO Freedom closer and closer to the mainstream in their own unique ways.

Great job, Diana Reeves, GMO Free USA, and the Michigan activists. We salute you, and we’ll see everyone at the March Against Monsanto on May 25. You can visit the GMO Free USA page and like it here.



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