March Against Monsanto Hits Major Milestone on Twitter Trends

The March Against Monsanto event started out a bit humbly compared to past actions, but it seems to be gaining serious steam ahead of its May 25 action date. On that date, residents of many dozens of countries will all gather to demonstrate against the massive chemical corporation that has taken control of our food from the farmers and has altered the fundamental nature of life on this Earth as we know it.

Monsanto is the leader in genetically modified crops (GMOs) which now constitute the vast majority of all corn, soy, cottonseed, canola and sugar beets in America. But the crops have been linked to grave health and environmental risks and the company has infiltrated key posts in the U.S. government, allowing them to continue to spread their “technology” and even to force it down the throats of farmers and consumers who don’t want it via cross-contamination and the lack of labels, respectively, on their products.

As of the afternoon of May 14, 2013, the upcoming March Against Monsanto broke through to the mainstream, however, with the hashtag #MarchAgainstMonsanto making it to #3 among all trending topics in the United States.


As the screen capture above shows, the term #OpMonsanto also made an entrance as it was the official term that was encouraged to be used by various Twitter accounts. The name of the event also found its way into the top trends.

March Against Monsanto Trend Hits #1 on Twitter

The trending topics #MarchAgainstMonsanto and #OpMonsanto also managed to hit number one during the afternoon on Twitter’s top trending topics according to the Anonymous account’s live feed.

You can see the photo below of the momentous occasion, which featured the same two topics among the most popular ones in the United States.


The trending topic success is just another indicator that the May 25 March Against Monsanto events may be the biggest yet, which is quite remarkable considering where the event came from. The original logo, a simple red and black design featuring a shopping cart, is a far cry from some of the professionally designed and graphically intricate designs the California labeling initiative had back in November.

But some of the top GMO Freedom groups and natural health websites appear to be helping out with the efforts now and it’s making a huge difference.

Recent court victories in favor of Monsanto over small farmers as well as the infamous “Monsanto Protection Act” that was recently passed are also probably factoring into this major swelling of public support for GMO Freedom rallies in the United States.

It will be interesting to see just how far the March Against Monsanto goes and whether or not the mainstream media will be there to cover it, and if so to what degree of accuracy. Stay tuned, folks, and be sure to check out the events list for the march at their website here.



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