New Studies: Traffic Pollution Worse Than Thought; Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Common sense tells us that exhaust fumes from automobiles are bad news for our health, as do our experiences sitting in traffic, breathing them in, and feeling the effects first-hand.

It’s something I realized the recently while staring down a massive freeway turned parking lot on the way home from work, and made me immediately reach for the herbal liver support formula I had in the backseat.

With alternative energy technologies still a ways off from the mainstream, traffic pollution is something we’ll be forced to deal with for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything but dangerous to our health.

There is an increasing amount of scientific literature showing that the fumes may be even more harmful than we thought, which is especially worrisome for people who live in big cities, near large roads or freeways.

Clean water and food free from chemicals and GMOs are important, but because the atmosphere is not visible (unless things get really bad…think of the hazy L.A. or Beijing skylines), it tends to sometimes take a backseat among our priorities.

Fighting for clean air laws and more restrictions on companies that pollute are great long-term strategies, but what can you do now to protect yourself from automobile exhaust fumes?

The New Warnings About Exhaust Fumes and Traffic Pollution

Supporting your body as a whole and all of its systems with plenty of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs always crucial, but the liver is one organ in particular that demands extra support in today’s toxic world.

The harmful effects of auto traffic pollution are many, as it has been linked to severe heart attacks, childhood cancers, high rates of asthma, higher levels of insulin resistance leading to diabetes, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries due to plaque), and even kidney problems.

And although kidneys are another overlooked organ, they have an important relationship with the heart according to doctors, as people with problems in one area often experience problems in the other.

Polluted air from automobile traffic exhaust fumes is a major factor in kidney problems according to the above linked article and study, during which 1,100 patients were studied and a link was found between traffic pollution and harming the arteries that supply the kidneys.

One of the best things about holistic medicine is that the entire body is treated through various technologies that allow it to heal itself naturally all over. But it is important to be aware of the symbiotic relationships between various organs.

The kidney and the liver are another pair of organs that complement each other with their long list of functions.

Supporting Your Liver and Kidney Against Airborne Toxins                                                             

Americans spend an average of about 1.5 hours per workday in their cars, leading to heavy toxin exposure.  Photo:

Americans spend an average of about 1.5 hours per workday in their cars, leading to heavy toxin exposure.

As many naturopaths know, the liver is the organ that supports the majority of the pollution-filtering responsibilities in the body, and it is often overtaxed to the point of exhaustion and nutrient depletion due to toxins.

The average American spends over 1.5 hours a day inside their car, where additional pollutants lurk including lead, chlorine, bromine and other heavy metals.

If you’re living in the city or driving on or near major highways and roads, chances are you’re constantly absorbing airborne toxins, as well as the toxins from your car, into your bloodstream on a daily basis.

The liver has what it takes to process them, however, and the kidney also greatly aids in the detoxing process, acting as a natural blood filter and waste remover.

The following are some of the best foods to consume for kidney and liver support:

For Kidneys: Black beans, blackberries, kidney beans, fennel, spinach, onions, asparagus, plenty of filtered water (for liver as well), purple grapes, cranberries and more.

For Liver: Dandelion greens, grapefruit, garlic, onions, blueberries, bilberries, mustard greens, walnuts, spinach, turmeric, arugula, and many more items including actual liver meat. 

Avoiding Traffic Exhaust Fumes as a Lifestyle Change

In addition to giving your body the proper nutritional support, it’s always smart to find new ways to avoid high-traffic areas. I like to drive through a local nature preserve/park on the way home from work a couple days a week or so ideally, and while I lose a few minutes in time each day I make up for it by taking in fresher air and giving my liver and kidneys a break.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to give them the breathing room they need to better detoxify your body from traffic exhaust fumes and other pollutants.

Protecting Yourself from Environmental Toxins With Herbs 

Earlier last year when I drove 30-40 minutes to work each day (and often dealt with traffic jams on the way home), I always had an herbal supplement on hand to protect myself from the environmental toxins produced by exhaust fumes and other pollution.

The supplement mentioned earlier is the herbal blend “Envirozon,” which is a blend of highly potent herbs from the Amazon Rainforest that support liver function and detoxification. The blend of herbs was specifically designed to protect against environmental toxins like exhaust fumes, hence the name. You can try this Amazon herbal supplement that helps protect you from these toxins by clicking here.

Envirozon is a mixture of the herbs Jurubeba, Chanca Piedra, and Uña de GatoJurubeba helps the body to relieve toxic excesses while Chanca Piedra fortifies the body’s natural filtering organs and stimulates its defense system.

Uña de Gato (aka Cat’s Claw)  is a high potency and heavily studied cleansing herb; so powerful that a worldwide conference was actually held in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss its benefits. You can learn more or try the Amazon herbal supplement for liver and kidney protection, containing Una de Gato and more, by clicking here.






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