Five Different Soils From Different Parts of the Earth Were Put to the Test. What They Found May Surprise Even Though the Most Experienced Gardener

What are the most important qualities of perfect soil?

To the untrained greenthumb it can be quite intimidating, but there are actually eight pretty standard qualities that every gardener should look out for next time they run their fingers through it.

Different soils have different qualities ranging from different pH levels, acidity, alkalinity, and more. There are also different types of soil that can be used with different qualities, different mineral content levels and much more.

Five Different Soils, Five Different Results

While the soil we use to grow most of our crops these days has been devastated through repeated applications of unnatural fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and much more, taking time to build soil the right way can lead to unbelievable results and greater yields than we ever thought possible.

In the video below, a simple experiment was conducted to test different types of soils from different parts of the earth.

Five pots with five different topsoils were experimented with to grow a plant in a simple pot.

Starting with regular topsoil, the plants did not do well due to harmful organisms that led to the plant becoming diseased.

In pot #2 clay was used but it did not work due to issues at the root level. Sand was used for pot #3 but a lack of nutrition eventually did in the experimental plant.

Pot #4 used a type of topsoil taken directly from the forest, and while it did quite well for a while it eventually fell victim to bug attacks which limited its overall effectiveness.

Finally, pot #5 utilized the so-called “perfect soil” according to the video creators. This type of soil produced a plant that was healthy, green and lush, but it’s something most gardeners are not using a whole lot because of how difficult it can be to obtain.

To find out what it is and how you can get perfect soil for your garden, watch the video below from The Vedic Way:



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