Politicians Eat 5 “Forbidden Foods” To Raise Awareness for New Food Freedom Bills



In 2014, Representative Thomas Massie (Kentucky) with the help of 25 cosponsors introduced two Milk Freedom Acts.

One is to allow local farmers to sell raw milk without the risk of being fined or even prosecuted for doing so, and one is to outlaw the federal government from interfering with raw milk trade between states where raw milk is legal.

The bills were not yet enacted, and Massie’s fight for food freedom is far from over.

“Today, many people are paying more attention to the food they eat, what it contains, and how it is processed.  Raw milk, which has been with us for thousands of years, is making a comeback among these discerning consumers.  Personal choices as basic as ‘what we feed our families’ should not be limited by the federal government,” said Massie, according to House.gov press release.

On August 21st 2015, Massie and Representative Jared Polis (Colorado) sat down at Jezebel’s in Denver, Colorado and consumed illegal foods to fight against federal food regulations, reported Independent Journal Review.


Among the “forbidden foods” were hemp, eggs that has not been inspected by the USDA, Kombucha, and not-inspected beef and RAW Milk. Their rebellious dinner was to promote a series of bills they are planning to introduce that would reduce certain food regulations on these foods, reported 9News.

“These are decisions — what do you put in your own body? What’s a more intimate decision than that? It really should be entirely up to people,” said Polis.

grass-534873_640The PRIME Act – beef that has not been USDA-inspected

Right now beef can only be sold after being approved by a USDA facility. The PRIME Act (Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption Act) would allow farms not associated with USDA to sell their beef directly to consumers, stores and restaurants.

Milk Freedom Acts the prime act

In the U.S., raw milk is illegal to sell to other states, and in some states is banned for sale completely. Meanwhile raw milk is legal in most places around the world. There have even been fresh milk vending machines installed around Europe.


Like most unprocessed foods, fresh milk has a small chance of being contaminated. But consumers who choose to drink it for variety of health benefits from strengthening the immune system to fighting allergies are tired of breaking the law and finding loopholes to buy a product that they believe to be important to their health.

Massie and Polis agreed that the decision of what to eat and drink has to be left to the people, and they keep fighting for the Milk Freedom Acts to be enacted.

“[F]undamentally, it’s a personal freedom and liberty issue,” Polis said, “…it should be up to you what you put in your own body.”



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