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Tired of feeling unhealthy, but don't know which diet or health program to begin with?

If so, you will want to take advantage of our BLACK FRIDAY SALE on the THRIVE Online Health Program, an AltHealthWORKS approved diet and lifestyle program that takes the guesswork out of both getting, and more importantly, feeling healthy for life.

This program was created by my good friend and health industry colleague, Derek Henry, Founder of Healing the Body, who overcame 13 different chronic disease conditions on his own thanks in large part to over 3,500 hours of research, extensive investments and experimentation, and closely following in the footsteps of others who had already done it.

Become a member before Dec. 1 and receive 20 percent off of Derek's program, which includes a 60-day nutrition jump-start, a simple eight-part plan ideal for people who enjoy being taught what to do (not told what to do), and the option to become part of a highly educated and THRIVING online health community.

Click the button below and you will receive a unique code to take advantage of a special discount for AltHealthWORKS readers, as well as a 21-day money back guarantee to start your journey.



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